Jouef VB hopper wagon

Arbel hopper

Jouef 659


VB bogie hopper “functional”

Box consisting of one wagon, pillars to make a ramp, a track with cams and chute, an unloading tank making a jug, and a bag of ballast that looked more like small blond caramel lumps! The operation was uncertain, because the traps did not slide well, and the cams lifted the wagon rather than the traps…

To work together with this hopper, I had built a bucket elevator, made of cardboard and hardboard, whose belt was made of a piece of wood strip blind, and which worked — very well — with a crank.

The photographed model is a ref. 657, non-functional, without opening traps, offered by a friend, and that I restored by cannibalizing mine.

The photo of the real wagon shows that the model was not so far from reality (except the bogies).

I have indicated opposite the real wagon’s dimensions, which is interesting, but not the Jouef’s, because I think the comparison has very little interest.

Jouef VB hopper wagonJouef VB hopper wagon

Arbel hopper

Functional hopper

Photo © Philippe Galaup - Les Trains Jouef.

12 820 147.4
11 640 133.8
2 800 32.2
3 300 37.9
8 140 93.6
1 800 20.7
920 10.6