Fleischmann 2-axle hopper

Fleischmann 1486 et 5511


Tds, Fd

UIC number Revision date
(DB) 21 80 08 573 0 592-0 24.03.67
(SBB-CFF) 561 401 29.4.65

72 g (NEM: 49 to 63 g)

Two units (one DB with opening roof, one CFF)

For the DB version, I had been cheated, because the lid had a broken arm and rather badly patched.

Originally, the SBB wagon had self-adhesive labels. Photo opposite.


  • Profi couplings.
  • Trap cams removed. DB hopper: lid repaired.

Fleischmann 2-axle hopperFleischmann 2-axle hopper

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Anonymous photo on rarelocos.com.