Fd hopper REE

Coke and coal hopper

Anonymous photo on forum.e-train.fr.

REE WB-371


Fd (MKH = Mechanical opening hopper for coKe and coal — Houille)

UIC number Revision date
21 87 615 4 758-5 P 28.2.73

50 g  (NEM: 45 to 59 g).

This wagon seems well reproduced to me, but expensive compared to its relative design simplicity, in comparison with the Electrotren’s MH hoppers, more complex to achieve and yet lower price.

Operator: Houillères du bassin du Nord et du Pas-de-Calais (HBNPC) — Coal mines of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais basin. Management: Société de gérance de wagons (SGW) — Wagon management company.

Inscriptions :

7 rue de Bucarest
75008 Paris

Transport de coke et houille
Gare d’attache : Pont à Vendin

64 rue des Mines

The REE model is equipped with roller axle boxes, while the actual wagon, photographed probably at the end of the 1950s, has plain bearing boxes.

Another difference: the reinforcement gussets located around the body’s belt line on the actual model, but which are not visible in all the photos.

The brake air tank, located under the “humpback” and therefore completely invisible except looking at the wagon perfectly in front, is however present.

The braking marks at the body corners are may-be missing.

See the Loco-Revue Forum.

With reservation: wagons built by Arbel - Douai in the second half of the 1950s.

Main characteristics:

  • Capacity 63 m3
  • Maximum C load 28.1 t
  • Tare: 11.44 t

The large capacity of these wagons compared to the MH type makes it possible to load coke (relatively light) at maximum volume. For coal, more dense, the load must be limited to about 38 m3. For this, there are markers (black dots along the body), but I don’t know what is their appearance inside the body (because they are not very useful outside…).

Fd hopper REEFd hopper REE

Coke and coal hopper

Anonymous photo on forum.e-train.fr.

9 780 112.4 113.0
3 130 1 36.0 35.5
5 000 57.5 57.5
1000 11.5 11.5
  1. Uncertain value.