Wagon with tarpaulin Roco

T0 wagon

Photo SNCF.

Roco 66867


T0.01 wagon with mechanical tarpaulin.

UIC number Revision date
21 87 560 0 025-1 TER 22.04.76

45 g (NEM: 46 to 60 g)

The tarpaulin really looks plastic. Stowage points are provided, but not, of course, the “garcettes” (fixing ropes). However, these attachment points are in wrong number. There are twelve per face instead of ten in reality and there are nine arches that show through the tarpaulin instead of eleven, not counting the ends. On the other hand, the number of fixing points at the bottom of the body, eight, is correct. The tarpaulin is clipped at the top, at the end. Handles, manoeuvre bars and towing hooks are inserted, but no underframe parts are.

The axle supports are mounted free, but almost without clearance.

Axles 23.8 mm long, however without clearance, rating that’s not usual at Roco. Another Klein by-out? Wheels ø 11. But the narrowness between the guard plates and the very close position of the brake blocks will not make me want to mount ø 11.4 wheels.

It would have been very nice for Roco to have a tarpaulin in open position for a loading scene, but it would have been necessary to improve the wagon interior aspect…


Wheels, brake blocks, and buffers painted. Light white weathering with the Tamyia kit (aspect of the photo).

Wagons resulting from the conversion in 1973/74 of standard UIC 2-type open wagons (one door per side).

Quotation of Loco-Revue No. 519.

During the years 1973 and 1974, the SNCF Workshops of Montigny lès Metz transformed 300 UIC/ORE 2-type open wagons (with one door per side) by equipping them with a mechanically closing “Debach’vit” system tarpaulin. [...]

A first batch of 197 wagons delivered in 1973 were fitted with brakes and originally registered 21 87 560 0 000 to 560 0 196 T0A.01. [...]

In 1980, the implementation of the new UIC marking plan led to the re-registration of these wagons in the following series: 21 87 560 7000 to 560 7 299 Tm 06.6 (Sharing code T06).


  • Loco-Revue No. 519 of October 1989, pages 654 and 655.
  • SNCF 1973 booklet Wagons à marchan­dises. Characteristics and photo of T0, p. 50.

Wagon with tarpaulin RocoWagon with tarpaulin Roco

T0 wagon

Photo SNCF.

10 000 114.9 115.2
8 760 1 100.7
3 008 1 34.6 34.7
Wall height 2 820 32.4 31.6
5 400 62.0 62.4
1 000 11.5 11.0
  1. With reservation.