Piko SNCF 2-axle open wagon

Piko 5/6444/079


2-axle open wagon, sort of SNCF Elo.

54 g (NEM: 41 to 54 g)

This wagon has been recently offered to me by a friend. It is in good condition, one step (of four) and two buffers more or less broken.

It is registered UIC 01 87 508 7 256-8 E 3.01, therefore as UIC 1-type standard. This is not the case. It is in fact a French Standard D Eo type, but with an erroneous wheelbase.

By removing the couplings and changing the wheels not ugly, but with 1.4 mm flanges, it could still look good on a current layout, as a wagon marked “Z” for example, waiting for scrapping.

Piko SNCF 2-axle open wagonPiko SNCF 2-axle open wagon