STVA TA60 LS Models


Anonymous photo on trenmilitaria.com.

LS Models 30191-1 and 2 (2 × 2 copies)


Less TA60 (then TA260) STVA car transporter.

UIC number Revision date
65 87 966 9 007-6 P 13.12.70
65 87 966 9 011-8 P 10.5.71

97 g (NEM: 80 to 104 g) ; 123 to 127 g loaded.

Wagon too low about 0.8 mm. The axles rotate in brass bearings.

Approximations were made to avoid different moulds compared to the era V shortened wagon. As a result, the upper bridge support ends are shortened, the steps and winches are shifted towards the centre of the wagon. The lower drop-leaf bars are missing. On the other hand, the upper deck drawbridges are invisible on almost all the pictures that I could see.

LS Models has seen fit to include large weld seams that are ground and very thin in reality. Isn’t it said the best is the enemy of good?

The upper deck is “banana shaped” horizontally for the four copies in my possession.



  • Milling of the NEM boxes to allow the assembly of the buffer handles.
  • Gluing of wedges and cars with Patafix.
  • Laying of safety chains and lower gangway tie bars.
  • Installation of functional REE tail lamps on one wagon, with current pickup by conductive bearings and regulator circuit installed under an axle holder.
TA60 wagon with REE tail lamps

Wagons built from 1960 to 1962 by the Société Nouvelle des Ateliers de Vénissieux (SNAV).

Registration number 65 87 96 69 xxx is for use in the “auto-couchettes” train (TAC, DD van). It is expected to be 21 87 042 9 xxx in new car transport (Less). The non-“mixed” wagons are numbered 20 87 040 7 xxx (Le). Source: Huet wagon instruction sheet.

Assignment to TAC concerned 230 wagons out of a total of ?

Note: the name TA60 (then TA260) means Transport of Automobiles (2 axles), built in 1960.


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STVA TA60 LS ModelsSTVA TA60 LS Models

STVA TA60 LS ModelsSTVA TA60 LS Models


Anonymous photo on trenmilitaria.com.

17 440 200.5 201.5
16 200 186.2 186.0
3 150 36.2 35.3
(measure) ∼3 040 34.9 34.2
9 000 103.4 103.5
920 10.6 10.6