Bogies flat wagon KB type “Kangourou” LS Models

“Kangourou” Sss

Anonymous photo in Ferrovissime Hors-série No. 5.

LS Models 30135 and 30136


Sss “Kangourou” KB type for semi-trailer transport.

UIC number Revision date
20 87 047 9 060-8 P 1.9.88 (?)
20 87 047 9 069-9 P 16.1.70

49 g (NEM: 75 to 97 g).

At the opening of the box, there is an empty space obviously reserved for a container, not applicable here. Moreover, the notice, if we can call so the piece of paper included, speaks only of container transport! A small bag contains the standard couplings and the buffer beam equipment: hook with / without shackle, shunter handles, and parts probably made to stall the drawbridge.

A drawbar jams in one direction. The chassis side beams are not very well adjusted. The drawbridge is in its low position, but can move fairly easily or even too easily. You can easily remove parts involuntarily by handling it, parts which are difficult to put back into place. The mechanism, which exists on the REE wagon, yet cheaper, is not present here! Contrary to what is stated in RMF No. 633, p. 44, the bridge is not blocked in risen position: shims for this are in spare part bag; they are not easy to put in place, the tenons’ holes being too small diameter.

The wagon ref. 30135 has a much too late revision date (1988).

The wheels are too big for Y31C bogies. The bogies are equipped with brass bearings. Even with wheels of the correct diameter, the wagon is too high at the buffers, at least of 0.5 mm. Buffers that are crooked on one of the wagons.

In short, very medium quality for wagons of this price.

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  • Comparison with REE 2-axle Kangourou showing the height difference.
  • LS Models KB wagon loaded with a Roco semi-trailer.
Comparison LS Models / REE KB wagon loaded with Roco semi-trailer

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The wagons were equipped with REE TP wagon axles (deux bogies à roues pleines réf. REE XB109H01 ou 02), lightly too big for the TP, but almost perfect for the Sss.

Wagon built from 1969 to 1973 in 440 units by CIMT Lorraine, to cope with the increase in length and load of semi-trailers, to which the 2-axle “Kangourou” was no longer suitable.

Facing the increasing container traffic and the decreasing of semi-trailers traffic, these wagons began to be converted to container transport (KC) in the 1980s.

Bogies type Y31C. Tare 17.7 t; maximum load: 33 t. Speed ​​limit 120 km/h.


Flat wagon KB type “Kangourou” LS ModelsFlat wagon KB type “Kangourou” LS Models

Flat wagon KB type “Kangourou” LS ModelsFlat wagon KB type “Kangourou” LS Models

Wagons loaded with REE semi-trailers.

“Kangourou” Sss

Anonymous photo in Ferrovissime Hors-série No. 5.

Dimensions 1:87
15 000 172.4 172.4
Chassis width ?  ? 35.4
Edge height ?  ? 16.1 1
11 000 126.4 125.7
Bogies Y31C wheelbase 1 800 20.7 20.5
840 9.7 10.3 2
  1. With original wheels.
  2. Replaced with ø 9.8 wheels.