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Sdgkmss flat wagon Roco

Skks flat wagon

Anonymous photo in Ferrovissime Hors-série No. 5.

Roco 76747


UIC International T1 type flat wagon for transport of semi-trailers, containers and swap bodies.

UIC number Revision date
83 87 459 3 374-0 P 5.6.98

72 g (NEM 75 to 98 g) ; 104 g with semi-trailer.

Era V wagon.

Many parts are to mount: steps, handrails, guardrails, brake wheels, mobile fifth wheel, lamp holders, etc. However, most of them (shown in italics) don’t exist on the French wagon! A semi-trailer’s part (coupling piece?) has no position indicated.

The main dimensions are well respected. The wheels (too small for ø 840 or too big for ø 760) are pretty ugly and not burnished.

This wagon designed by the UIRR on the basis of the French-style pocket wagon of 1970, was built from 1973, by different manufacturers, for several European administrations, for a total of 1500 units. It was designed to load semi-trailers, ISO containers or swap bodies.

Quotation of the document L’UIRR a 30 ans

The development work was undertaken by the UIRR Technical Commission, mainly under the active leadership of its president, Mr. Guy Blanco. The first type of pocket wagon, the T1, was put into service in 1973 by Novatrans and Kombiverkehr. It had a length of only 16.4 m, a usable length of 14.4 m for swap bodies, an empty weight of 16.5 t and a payload of 33 t.


Sdgkmss flat wagon RocoSdgkmss flat wagon Roco

Skks flat wagon

Anonymous photo in Ferrovissime Hors-série No. 5.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 16 440 189.0 189.1
Chassis length 15 200 174.7 175.0
Body width ?  ? 34.9
Side height 1 175 13.5 13.2
Pivot distance 11 200 128.7 128.6
Bogie wheelbase Y31C 1 800 20.7 20.8
Wheel diameter 760 8.7 9.0