Sgss container flat wagon LS Models

Sgss container flat wagon

Photo Pierre Barbe on Wagonmania.

LS Models 30103


Sgss 6.16 (before 1980)

UIC number Revision date
33 87 457 1 301-0 P 30.8.00

Registration of the 13.6 m CNC swap body: SCZU 146147 7

39/85 g without/with load. (NEM: 95 to 124 g). 105 g with ballasted Lesage (40-foot) and Medtainer (20-foot) containers.

Era Vc!

Some side stakes not too glued can be laid down.

The buffers can get caught with those of Y 7100 shunter.

The swap body, unlike the ISO container, cannot be transported by sea and is not stackable, at least under load. On the other hand, it is wider and allows storing two standard European pallets side by side (2 × 1.2 m).



Containers, a 20-foot Medtainer and a 40-foot Lesage, are ballasted and glued with Kristal Klear.

According to Pierre Barbe and Kiki51100 on the Loco-Revue Forum, the S6A or S6B type of the CNC fleet is an ex-Sgss 60.6 of the SNCF fleet, originally ex-Sgss 6.16 (before 1980).

Construction in two series, with sub-series having small construction differences (types of slip dampers in particular):

  • 31 87 457 0 000 to 0 999 (1000 units) from 1971 to 1972
  • 31 87 457 1 000 to 1 999 (1000 units) from 1981 to 1982.

The LS Models wagon is therefore of the 2nd series. The document published by Snoopy3316 on the Loco-Revue forum indicates that this type of wagon can be used for transport other than containers, hence the presence of stakes; but the transported products are not specified. One can imagine all that is transportable by an R8: metal profiles, pipes, etc. But, according to other members of the forum, these wagons were exclusively used to container transport.


  • SNCF 1973 booklet Wagons à marchan­dises. Diagram p. 49 and photo. This photo shows the type equipped with Jarret dampers, visible above the buffers.
Photo du wagon S6

Sgss container flat wagon LS ModelsSgss container flat wagon LS Models

Sgss container flat wagon

Photo Pierre Barbe on Wagonmania.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 20 640 237.2 237.0
Chassis length 19 400 223.0 222.6
Usable width 2 450 28.2 29.0
Side height 1 290 14.8 15.0
Pivot distance 15 600 179.3 179.2
Bogie wheelbase 1 800 20.7 20.7
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.6