Sgss container flat wagon Jouef

Sgss container flat wagon

Photo SNCF. See note in the History.

Jouef HJ6018


Sgss 68.6

UIC number Revision date
81 87 454 9 787-0 15.11.93

32/123 g without/with load. (NEM: 91 to 118 g). 100 g with AWM containers ballasted.

Era V! Refrigerated swap body.

No three-point suspension. The bogies have no clearance, neither rolling, nor pitching.

Container pawn holes are well placed, but at the ends they are male parts instead of female. So I removed the pawns on one side of two AWM containers to install them.

The swap body, unlike the ISO container, cannot be transported by sea and is not stackable, at least under load. On the other hand, it is wider and allows storing two standard European pallets side by side (2 × 1.2 m).



  • Buffers, tanks, wheels and brake blocks painted.
  • Three AWM Evergreen and Hapag Lloyd containers ballasted and glued with Kristal Klear.

Wagon for the transport of containers and swap bodies in block trains. Type S68.6 limited to 120 km/h.

According to a document provided by Snoopy3316 on the Loco-Revue forum: series of 300 units numbered 81 87 454 9 500 to 799 (after 1980), without shock-absorbing device, built in 1970 and 1971 by Arbel. Not RIV because of inability to automatic coupling, they are however allowed in almost all European countries.

The wagon of the photo, of previous construction, does not belong to the same series. It is also a type S68.6, of very similar characteristics, for block train, but built in 1969 in 200 units by SNCF workshops of Sotteville Quatre-Mares, UIC No. 81 87 454 9 800 to 9 999 (after 1980). See La Vie du Rail No. 1193.


  • Loco-Revue No. 528 of July 1990, p. 557: presentation of Sgss 63.6 Jouef.

Sgss container flat wagon JouefSgss container flat wagon Jouef

Sgss container flat wagon

Photo SNCF. See note in the History.

19 720 226.7 226.5
18 480 212.4 212.0
Usable width 2 950 33.9 33.4
Floor height 13.8
13 360 153.6 153.4
1 800 20.7 20.3
920 10.6 10.3