Sgs container flat wagon Oskar

Sgs flat wagon

Photo Tobias B. Köhler on railfaneurope.net.

Oskar 4137



UIC number Revision date
33 87 454 1 848-7 P 9.10.86

Registration of the 20-foot containers

NCHP HNPU 319205 0 FR 2210
SCADOA SSCU 361580 5 FR 2210
ASH ASHU 220993 8 FR 2210

47/88 g without/with load. (NEM: 90 to 117 g). 117 g with containers ballasted to 10 g.

Era IVb (new marking)



Containers ballasted to 10 g, because of derailments, with iron plate 60 × 14 × 1.5, and glued with Kristal Klear. Each container is now 23 g.

Translation of Oskar’s notice sheet.

The Sgs wagons are flat wagons of special type for the transport of containers and swap bodies, built from the seventies by the French railways.

The Sgs wagons have a frame structure made of steel profiles, without floor, with 20 dowels to block the load. The bogies are welded steel Y25. The colour is wagon red. Some wagons have a parking brake that can be manoeuvred from the ground by a wheel.

Quotation of Pierre Barbe about the corporate names of the containers, in the forum Loco Revue Les wagons porte-containers. Note: the values ​​in meters are from me.

The three containers are 8-foot (2.44 m) high containers (Roco models redecorated by Os.kar, whose front and rear faces are square) while the standard for 20-foot containers since the 1980s is 8 feet 6 inches (2.59 m) high (so they are taller than wide, width always = 8 feet). The companies represented have disappeared a long time ago. Chargeurs was Chargeurs Réunis, a Seydoux group company, sold by Jérôme Seydoux to Delmas in 1988. NCHP (Navale et Commerciale Havraise Péninsulaire) has been part of Delmas since 1986. SCADOA (Service Commun d’Armement Desservant l’Ouest Africain) also disappeared in favor of Delmas.


Sgs container flat wagon OskarSgs container flat wagon Oskar

Sgs flat wagon

Photo Tobias B. Köhler on railfaneurope.net.

19 640 225.7 226.0
18 400 211.5 211.0
Overall width 1 2 770 31.8 34.0
Floor height 1 170 13.4 14.4
14 600 2 167.8 167.7
1 800 20.7 20.7
920 10.6 10.5
  1. At the level of towing hooks.
  2. Marking on OsKar wagon: 14 500.