Rs flat wagon Vitrains

UIC Rs flat wagon

Photo L. Viguier.

Vitrains 3309


Rs 80.1 (not 80.2) UIC/ORE type (R8) flat wagon

UIC number Revision date
11 87 399 3 300-0 17.6.87
Same! Same!

102 g (NEM: 91 to 119 g).

Same registration (post-1980), and, what is more, erroneous (see history) for both: this is not serious! Wheels have a very prominent inner hub and are bright nickel-plated! A unit is seriously “banana shaped”! Spring buffers.

Huge box, in which a place for the mounted stakes is not planned. Wheels have a correct diameter of 11.5, internal spacing 14.2, between points (dull) 24.4.

The stakes are difficult to mount, and fragile (I broke several). Fortunately, there are eight more per wagon. This is not the case of towing hooks, curiously two are tenon, and two smooth almost impossible to mount.

Type 8.01 has already been reproduced by Klein Modelbahn (ref 0403 and 5121), with correct registrations. One wonders in this regard why a provider qualified the Vitrains wagons of real novelty. He also did not report the registration and type error, although he is usually so picky…

Possible registrations by changing as few numbers as possible: 31 87 390 0 300-8 and 31 87 390 0 000-4.

See the Loco-Revue Forum on the new 2008 Vitrains models, with some silliness (wheel diameter for example).


  • Wheels, brake blocks, floor and buffer heads painted.
  • On one unit: one bogie and a stake repaired, two hauling hooks glued. Bogies painted.
  • Load of “cast iron” pipes.
R8 wagons loaded with pipes

Contrary to what Vitrains claims, these wagons are not of the R8.02 type which, according to Pierre Barbe, dates from 1972 (Y25 bogies, stake arrangement and chassis reinforcements). See Roco wagon.

The Vitrains wagon is actually the R8.01 (ex Roryw) type of 1959, built in 400 units by the Compagnie Française de Matériel de Chemin de Fer and the Compagnie de Construction (Frangéco). Registered in sub-series 31 87 390 0 000-4 to 398-2. Equipped with so-called “German” Y19a bogies.


  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 215 / 61968 - 68 b 18 (former series) du type R 8.01. Sheet preview.LR sheet
  • SNCF 1973 booklet Wagons à marchan­dises, p. 42, characteristics.

Rs flat wagonVitrainsRs flat wagonVitrains

UIC Rs flat wagon

Photo L. Viguier.

20 000 229.9 229.0
18 760 215.6 215.4
2 780 32.0 31.7
Floor height 1 305 15.0 15.4
13 000 149.4 149.2
Y19A 2 000 23.0 23.0
1 000 11.5 11.5