Rs flat wagon Roco

Rs flat wagon UIC

Photo Pierre Barbe on wagonmania.

Roco 66457


Rs 80.2 UIC standard type flat wagon with stakes

UIC number Revision date
11 87 399 2 623-6 16.1.01

71 g (NEM 91 to 119 g); 105 g with load of pipes.

It’s exactly the same wagon as the NMBS on the previous page, except the bogies that are moulded Y25, and the price (+ €8). According to Pierre Barbe, there would be an incorrect number of chassis reinforcements. This chassis is metallic, so the wagon is less lightweight than the DB Rs model.

Many pieces are to mount: end walls, marking plates, and of course stakes. A step was hung to the package cardboard and was deformed. The stakes are not pivoting. They have hooks without relief (this avoids risks of snagging). No tow hook.

Era V RIV-EUROP wagon. Probable registration before 1980:: 31 87 390 2 623-1.


ø 10.4 wheels replacing the original ø 11. Wheels, bogies, buffers, floor painted with different mixtures of grey, wood and rust. Marking plates glued with Kibri model glue and then reinforced with Pattex 100%. A tow hook is broken. Weathered floor. R80 wagon, weathered floor

Loading of DN900 “cast iron” pipes ballasted by four steel rods ø 6 × 17, i.e. 4 × 4 g = 16 g. R8 flat wagons loaded with pipes

Wagons built in 1972-1973 in 1,500 units, by the Franco-Belge company.

Quotation from Pierre Barbe.

These SNCF wagons were built in 1972-1973 in 1,500 units by the Franco-Belge company. Marked Rs 8.02 at the beginning, they were renumbered after 1980, and marked Rs 80.2. They were part of the EUROP pool (exchange regime 11), and circulated on all networks of this pool in sharing mode. They are used to transport long parts (metal profiles, rails, plates, etc.). They are still running at the moment, some having been transformed for the transport of glass bottles, and some assigned to the SNCF service fleet.


Rs flat wagon RocoRs flat wagon Roco

Rs flat wagon UIC

Photo Pierre Barbe on wagonmania.

19 900 228.7 228.5
18 660 214.5
2 770 31.8 32.0
Floor height 1 260 14.5 15.0 1
14 860 170.8 170.7
1 800 20.7 20.6
920 10.6 11.0 2
  1. With ø 10.4 wheels.
  2. Original wheels.