Rs flat wagon Roco

Rs flat wagon UIC

Photo Anton Kendall on tosh-railways.com.

Roco 66936


UIC / ORE standard Rs680 DB flat wagon with stakes, loaded with three Magirus tractors

UIC number Revision date
11 80 390 1 425-3 25.03.85

55 g empty (NEM: 91 to 119 g) ; 77 g with its load of three road tractors; 101 g with the load of ballasted pipes.

There is one box for the wagon and another one for the road vehicles, all in a common plexiglas package.

Era IVb RIV-EUROP wagon.

A little coarse (the mould should not be very recent). The stakes are easy to assemble and there are four in surplus. On the other hand, no Roco coupling provided.

Probable registration before 1980: 31 80 390 1 425-9

Road tractors: among these, there had to be a Renault, this is not the case. The windows are not very transparent, and scratched. The mirrors are to be mounted, as well as the tow bar. The fifth wheel is incompatible with the Herpa. No means are provided to secure the vehicles on the wagon. See the page on tractors.

Again, stupid boxes where we cannot put the tractors with their accessories mounted, nor the wagon with the tractors loaded.

Anyway, I don’t believe that this type of wagon is the most appropriate for transporting tractors, but rather metal beams or pipes, as in the photo.


  • Tractors: mirrors painted and mounted. Wipers painted black (blades) and silver (rest). Silver touch behind the headlights. Rear lights painted. Wagon: stakes mounted.
  • Wheels, bogies, buffers painted (grey and rust mixture). Broken end wall handle replaced with wire painted in dark grey. Ballast increased by 3 g (!). The recommended mass (+ 33 g) will have to be reached by the load.
  • Loading of DN900 “cast iron” pipes ballasted by four ø 6 × 26 steel rods.
Rs flat wagons loaded with pipes

Quotation from de.wikipedia.org (enhanced Google translation).

The SSlmas 53 (Rs680) were manufactured from 1955, in 5,500 units, until the 1960s. They received Minden-Dorstfeld bogies, a mesh of steel profiles to reinforce the chassis, folding end walls with bevelled corners and sixteen pivoting steel stakes. This type of wagon was developed and standardized by the UIC.


Rs flat wagon RocoRs flat wagon Roco

Rs flat wagon UIC

Photo Anton Kendall on tosh-railways.com.

19 900 228.7 230.0
2 780 32.0 31.6
Floor height 1 305 15.0 14.7
13 000 149.4 149.2
2 000 23.0 22.5
1 000 11.5 11.0