Ls UFR flat wagon REE

UFR flat wagon

Anonymous photo on ree-modeles.com.

REE WB-056 and WB-057


Ls UFR trailer transport flat wagon

UIC number Revision date
21 87 042 0 134-7 P 8.9.70
21 87 042 0 015-1 P 5.2.73

27/38 g without/with load (NEM: 43 to 56 g).

One of the wagons has spoke wheels and plain bearing boxes; the other has plain wheels and roller bearing boxes. The drawbridges and guide rails are movable. Road trailers have an articulated drawbar.

Beware of the risk of losing the label holder grilles.

See the Loco-Revue Forum. REE wagons only really arrive on page 38.

REE offers UFR trailers in “parking” position, i.e. with the small wheels in low position.


Wheels, linkage and brake blocks, buffers, and steps. Floor painted and weathered. See the photo. Wagons UFR patinés

The company Union des Transports Ferroviaires et Routiers (UFR) — Union of Railway and Road Transport — was created in 1934 to do combined transport. The single-trailer wagons are from OCEM 1929 flat wagons. They were built from 1946 to 1958, and withdrawn in 1974.

The photo taken from the REE website, and arranged by me to bring out the wagon from the background, is that of the wagon reproduced (No. 042 0 015).


Ls UFR flat wagon REELs UFR flat wagon REE

UFR flat wagon

Anonymous photo on ree-modeles.com.

Remorque UFR

Photo La Vie du Rail.

9 310 107.0 107.5
8 180 94.0
Side height 17.6
4 500 51.7 51.5
1 050 12.1 12.0