UFR bi-carrier Ls flat wagon REE

UFR bi-carrier flat wagon

Photo Novatans on DocRail.

REE WB-621



UIC Number Revision date
21 87 042 1 098-6 P 18.4.72

54/70 g without/with load (NEM: 60 to 78 g).

The wagon comes in a soft cardboard box containing two thermoformed shells, one for the wagon itself and one for the UFR trailer.

The wagon is quite heavy: its chassis is metal. The footsteps and handrails are made of metal. Some attachments are poorly mounted: label holder, brake wheel. The gangways don’t hold in the vertical position.

The 0.8 mm flanged wheels are burnished (this burnishing requires a serious wiping of the carbonaceous surface layer). The back-to-back distance of the wheels is a problem: it is only 13.8 mm on average instead of 14.5 ± 0.1 according to NEM! In fact, the insulated wheels are incorrectly positioned; it’s therefore quite easy, with a Puller, to align them correctly. But this is very strange, because, unlike the most manufacturers’ axles, the REE’s have shoulders that should automatically give the correct gauge.

This wagon therefore gives the impression of being less well finished than its mono-carrier predecessors. This impression is also felt for the semi-trailer whose drawbar, supposedly functional, cannot be unfolded: it jams somewhere… The trailers of the first series did not have this problem. All this is not very serious, but, considering the price of the set, one has the right to be demanding.

See the Loco-Revue Forum. The bi-carriers are announced on this page.


  • Correction of wheel spacing.
  • Deburring and gluing of trailer wedges (Kristal Klear).
  • Gluing of gangways in the raised position (Kristal Klear).

The company Union des Transports Ferroviaires et Routiers (UFR) was founded in 1934 for combined transport.

From 1948 to 1964, 1,030 standard D bi-carrier wagons were manufactured. They can load two short semi-trailers or a single semi-trailer longer than 8.18 m.

SNCF number: HR 597000 to 598000. UIC number: 21 87 010 0 000 to 042 1 173 .Ls (within the range).

Main characteristics: tare 10 t; load C 25 t. Speed limit 100 km/h (S regime).


  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 322-323 / 70 c 27 (older series).
  • Loco Revue No. 687 of October 2004.
  • Correspondances ferroviaires No. 16 of December 2004, p. 64 à 71.
  • Forum Train website: many photos, article of La Vie du Rail No. 767 of 16 October 1960.
  • Video (6 Mo) from Le Magazine du Rail No. 21 of a demonstration at the Brussels International Fair in 1958. Show video.

UFR bi-carrier Ls flat wagon REEUFR bi-carrier Ls flat wagon REE

UFR bi-carrier Ls flat wagon REEUFR bi-carrier Ls flat wagon REE

UFR bi-carrier flat wagon

Photo Novatans on DocRail.

13 180 151,5 151,3
12 000 137,9 138,0
29,7 1
(tray) 13,7
(guide rails) 17,1
8 000 92,0 91,9
1 050 12,1 12,0
  1. At the guide rail level.