Us ex K5 flat wagon with stakes Roco

Us flat wagon with stakes

Photo Pierre Barbe on wagonmania.

Roco 66770


Us ex-Ks 5 UIC standard flat wagon

SNCF number Revision date
40 87 959 4 445-8 19.1.07

69 g empty (NEM: 64 to 83 g)
97 g the load of Tabbert caravans.

“V” track service Wagon era VI from the date of revision, not IVb as advertised.

The marking plates are now metal, finer, but too high, and therefore cannot fit between the high and low edge ribs.

This wagon is different from previous versions and the end stakes, cannot be mounted.

The box is all plastic instead of cardboard and foam, and more bulky. Hello ecology!

See Loco-Revue forum (without much interest).


  • Marking plates glued with double-sided adhesive; ø 11.4 wheels on Roco axles; floor weathered; Tabbert caravans stuck. Stakes glued with Krytal Klear.
  • Buffers, wheels, and brake blocks painted. Chassis stiffeners rectified.

This wagon is obtained by transformation (1990s?) of a UIC unified or standard UIC / ORE Ks 5.

Wagons put into service from 1954 to 1968. UIC registration 01 (Europ) or 21 (RIV) 87 330 0 000 to 332 4 999. Some are equipped with a screw brake on gangway, others with a brake wheel accessible from the ground.

Main characteristics (with / without gangway): tare 12.8 t / 11.9 t; C load: 21 t / 28 t; usable length 12.5 m; usable width 2.77 m. Folding sides and ends. Manufacturers: Coder, Frangeco, Decauville.

Flat wagons of the UIC type are subdivided into two sub-series of which I don’t know the precise differences of construction:

  • the UIC/ORE standard (code Ks 5.01), built from 1954 to 1963, in about 10,000 units. The wagons with brake bridge are in this series;
  • the UIC unified (code Ks 5.02), built from 1963 to 1968, in about 12,000 units.

These many wagons will become surplus in the 1970s, which will lead to many transformations: container transport, various service wagons.


  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 0/3 1967-65 d 5 (former series)
  • File Plat standard UIC from Pierre Barbe’s website now closed, and in particular the 40 87 952 2 608-8 (photo above), transformation to the service park, which seems to well match the Roco model, and would be out of date for me.

Us ex K5 flat wagon with stakes RocoUs ex K5 flat wagon with stakes Roco

Us flat wagon with stakes

Photo Pierre Barbe on wagonmania.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 13 860 159.3 160.5
Chassis length 12 620 145.1 145.0
Body width 2 866 33.0 32.9
Side height 1 688 (?) 19.4 19.3 1
End rancher height 3 245 37.3 37.7
Wheelbase 8 000 92.0 92.2
Wheel diameter 1 000 11.5 11.0 2
  1. With ø 11.5 wheels.
  2. Original wheels.