K flat wagon Roco

Roco 44182/2



UIC number Revision date
21 87 345 0 600-7 Missing

48 g (NEM: 51 to 66 g).

Fanciful (probable DB origin, but not determined). The length over buffers (11 m) as well as the wheelbase (6 m) don’t correspond to a wagon listed on de.wikipedia. The Stuttgart, which has a very different appearance (metal walls), has an overall length of 12 m and a wheelbase of 8 m. Furthermore, the registration chosen doesn’t match any SNCF flat wagon range, at least at the beginning of the UIC marking.


  • ø 11.4 Piko wheels on Roco axles
  • Painted floor.
  • Stakes glued with Kristal Klear.

K flat wagon RocoK flat wagon Roco