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Photo SNCF.

Jouef 664 and 665


Ls ex-HM KE type (2-axle Kangourou)

SNCF number Revision date
* NM 524 346 P

Erroneous registration; should be HM.

Mass (with ballast added, see below)

Empty: 66 g; loaded: 95 g (NEM: 60 to 78 g)

New in 1967.

Three copies. I had weighted them with lead blocks cast into steel moulds that I had made to take advantage of every available space, ballasts placed between the chassis and the axle holders. I still have these moulds! Ballast moulds

Brake blocks are missing. But, overall, although not very detailed and approaching happily the 50 years, these wagons very correctly respected the 1:87 scale.

In the course of time, the wheels of the semi-trailers, tractor and ramp have undergone a curious transformation, resembling a softening almost a melting of the material. On the other hand, the tyres remained intact.


  • ø 10.4 NEM axles. Original couplings removed; axle holders and ballast glued. Herpa wheels on semi-trailers; tractor repaired.
  • Brass buffers, Makette elongating drawbars. Profi couplings. Mobile ramp wheels replaced.

Built from 1959 to 1965 by Sté Lorraine des Anciens Ets De Dietrich (Lunéville) and CIMT (Valenciennes) in more than 240 units.

These wagons circulated in block trains “Poids-Lourd Express”, with an Est metallized coach (called Romilly), equipped with berths, intended for the drivers who accompanied their tractor.


Kangourou JouefKangourou Jouef

Jouef Kangourou systemJouef Kangourou system

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Photo SNCF.

13 260 152.4 151.8 1
12 020 138.2 138.0
Chassis width 3 065 35.2 35.5
Side height 1 255 14.4 14.8 2
9 000 103.4 104.2
1 000 11.5 10.5 2
  1. With new buffers.
  2. With new wheels.