REE track inspection car trailer

Track inspection car trailer

Photo Bernard Ciry.

REE WB-566


10 t stake trailer for track inspection car.

Number Revision date
2- Teu 2 WMS 328

13 g

Flat trailer with stakes (non detachable).

This small wagon is fitted with functional tulip couplings.

It comes with ball coupling drawbars, one long and two short, as well as non-functional couplings, smaller than those fitted, so I guess they are to scale for the display cabinet.

There is also a plastic drawbar mounted on brackets, which can be fixed under the chassis.

Axles: 0.8 flanged wheels; length 23; wheel back-to-back distance: 14.4.

See Forum Loco-Revue Les remorques de draisines en HO (track inspection car trailers in HO).

Tare weight: 4 t. Payload: 10 t. Capacity 5.5 m3


REE track inspection car trailerREE track inspection car trailer

Remorque pour draisine

Cliché Bernard Ciry.

1 1:87
4 400 50.6 53.3
2 100 24.1 25.6
550 6.3 6.7
2850 32.8 34.6
400 4.6 4.7
  1. Approximate values, as they were taken from a non-rated diagram.