OCEM 1929 refrigerated wagon LS Models

LS Models 30398-3 et 4


Ics refrigerated (isothermal) OCEM 1929 leased to STEF

UIC number Revision date
11 87 083 5 157-2 3.10.69
11 87 083 5 159-8 3.10.69

49 to 51 g (NEM: 41 to 54 g).

I did not need these wagons, but they were sold with the Standards: a little forced sale …

Brass bearings. Wheels of correct diameter. Roof clips on curiously complicated internal structure, two to the ends and four on the sides. Easy unclipping. Metallic, very thin, buffer handles.

The buffers have a hollow body (female) which fits on a tenon integral with the buffer beam, provided with a flat side acting as a key. It is apparently impossible to push them down, which leaves a clearance of about 0.2 mm between their base and the beam. This explains the exaggerated overall length of these wagons, while the chassis length is correct.

LS Models indicates réfrigérant on the box, but isotherme on the wagons. These are indeed isothermal, because they have no icebox. The “c” in the Ics marking indicates the transport of meat.

The following information is taken from the DocRail website.

In response to a lack of specialised equipment for temperature-controlled transport, between 1928 and 1931 the État network modified some OCEM 19 wagons to refrigerated and OCEM 29 to isothermal and refrigerated wagons for its subsidiary, the Société d’Exploitation des wagons Frigorifiques (SEF).

The body was completely rebuilt with double walls with intermediate cork insulation. Metal frame and walls in oak and fir strips for the exterior and walls in fir strips for the interior partition.

Installation of a double door and seals on each side. In order to be incorporated into Express passenger trains or mixed freight-passenger trains, they were equipped with a steam pipe.

Among which 127 OCEM 29 wagons were converted into isothermal wagons. Main characteristics: surface area 17.60 m2, volume 37.860 m3, tare weight 14,400 kg.

The STEF, Société de Transports et d’Entrepôts Frigorifiques — Company of Refrigerated Transport and Warehouses, was created in 1920. It is still active nowadays, but has not been managing wagons for a long time.

OCEM 1929 refrigerated wagon LS ModelsOCEM 1929 refrigerated wagon LS Models

8 940 102.8 103.4
7 760 89.2 89.0
2 648 30.4 30.7
3 717 42.7 43.0
4 500 51.7 51.6
1 050 12.1 12.0