STEF Ibes Brawa

Ibes refrigerated wagon

Photo Pierre Barbe on wagonmania.

Brawa 48323


Ibes UIC Standard 1-type

UIC number Revision date
11 87 082 7 074-9 P 25.2.71

48 g (NEM: 54 to 70 g) ; 73 g after ballasting.

This wagon is not worth any particular criticism, apart from the bottom fixing of the ladders, which is not in compliant; and some moulding burrs on the small inserts, which are numerous (including the door locking latches) and all mounted, except the dummy screw couplings and half brake couplings, which are anyway impossible to mount, because there is no location provided! The end handrails may look badly implanted as well, but apparently there are at least two versions (regardless of country of origin).

To quibble, the buffers have alternately flat and curved heads. I don’t think this was the case in France at the time.

The wheels should be ø 11.5 instead of 11. 23.9 mm long axles, wheel back-to-back distance 14.3 (NEM 14.5 ± 0.1). Flange height 0.8 mm. The axles rotate in metal bearings.

In the box, there is, extraordinary thing, a clear notice with history and list of spare parts.

Note: why do the manufacturers (Brawa, LS Models) insist on making the STEF logo bright blue, when all the period photos show it as very dark blue, even black?

See Loco-Revue Forum.


  • Increased weight: + 25 g
  • Roof (silver) repainted in grey.

Translation of the Brawa notice sheet.

The International Union of Railways (UIC) proposed two types of refrigerated wagons in its suggestion for the design of a standardized wagon. In this context, the standard 1-type has become the most refrigerated wagon built to the present day. The Greek, Moroccan, Italian, Swiss, French, Dutch and Belgian national railways bought 1-Standard wagons. On the German railways, they ran as private wagons for Interfrigo. Meat processors, breweries and grocery chains used this refrigerated wagon. In total, about 6,500 of these cars were built. During the sixties and seventies, it was difficult to find a goods train without this reliable wagon. The ice bars could be stored manually with ice tongs by the end platforms.

In France, Soulé was one of the builders.

UIC numbering before 1980: 11 87 082 7 000 to 7 731 and 8 344 to 8 383. Quantity (including all ranges): 224. Source : wtal.de.


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    Note: there is apparently no navigation system on this website. To get more photos, I use their search engine. For photos of fridges, whose numbers start at 170921, type 1709?? in the search field then click Zoeken (Search). The interface of this extremely document-rich website changes quite often, which makes it difficult to use.

  • Brawa instruction leaflet.

STEF Ibes BrawaSTEF Ibes Brawa

Ibes refrigerated wagon

Photo Pierre Barbe on wagonmania.

11 740 134.9 135.2
10 500 120.7 120.8
2 890 1 33.2 33.4
3 920 45.1 45.3
6 600 75.9 75.5
1 000 11.5 11.0
  1. Dimension measured on diagram.