Interfrigo Ibbehs 2 axles Roco

Refrigerated wagon

Photo Peter Hickman on tosh-railways.com.

Roco 66747



UIC number Revision date
03 87 823 6 373-2 P 24.9.87

82 g (NEM: 64 to 84 g).

Era IVb. The handrails and other parts are to be mounted. Ladders and ramps are not very thin (compare with the original). The steps are stunted. A crank is missing. The second one escaped just after mounting. “Maxi” plastic box (300 mm).

The axles holders are pivoting, guided by plastic springs linked to the NEM boxes, which themselves have no return spring. Efficiency is to be verified. The ballast is a large block of plastic attached to the chassis by a stud set with a blow of soldering iron.Pivoting axle holder


  • Return springs mounted on elongated drawbars (the spring hooks are present, it was only necessary to remove the ballast to reach them).
  • Buffers, steps, brake blocks and wheels painted. Roof and doors slightly weathered with Tamiya kit.

According to the wtal.de website, the registration is false. Indeed, in the 03 87 823 sub-series, the literal marking of the wagons is Ibbehps, they are only six (!), and would not have received the ante-1980 numbering. Concerning Ibbehs, we have the sub-series 03 87 824, the old numbers of which were in ranges 11 87 082 1, 11 87 082 8 and 11 87 083 8.

Note: the photographed wagon, registered 03 87 823 5 139-9, therefore in the same sub-series, is different, especially at the level of the raised doors. But it’s probably a transformation of the original wagon.


Interfrigo Ibbehs RocoInterfrigo Ibbehs Roco

Refrigerated wagon

Photo Peter Hickman on tosh-railways.com.

14 020 161.1 160.5
 ? ? 34.5
 ? ? 48.7
9 000 103.0 102.0
1 000 11.5 11.0