DB Gbs covered wagon Roco

DB Gbs 252 covered wagon

Photo Hans Ulrich Diener on dybas.de.

Roco 66258


Gbs252 large capacity covered wagon of the DB - Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Federal Railways)

UIC number Revision date
01 80 151 1 006-9 12.9.86 (?)

65 g  (NEM: 65 to 84 g).

Model to build. Sliding doors. That said, no inserts, neither handrails, nor door handles. No buffer handles, no fitting of the buffer beam. Rachitic corner steps. In short, hardly worths its price, even if it were sold built.


  • Construction of the wagon. The two ballasts, drilled cylinders to be placed on a plastic axis, were glued with Patafix. Curiously, they are not in the axis of the wagon.
  • Installation of self-designed photoetched steps and metal handrails. Photo. The levelling of plastic mouldings is delicate because this material is very brittle, or even crumbly.New steps

Note from de.wikipedia.org translated by Google, with an attempted improvement:

Around 1960, the UIC standardized a high capacity covered wagon, which gave at the DB the Glmms 61 (Gbs 254) [...] In 1966, appears the Gbs 252 whose only external difference compared to the Glmms 61 is the lack of reinforcements (which? Probably those of the chassis).

According to the german website dybas.de, 1,433 wagons of this type were bought by the DB between 1966 and 1968.

Note: according to Ferrovissime No. 38 of May 2011, SNCF bought only one unified UIC type 1 prototype at De Dietrich, compared to more than 10,000 built or rebuilt in Germany). They preferred a wagon of their own design, the Gbs 7.23, mostly assigned to Sernam.


DB Gbs covered wagon RocoDB Gbs covered wagon Roco

DB Gbs 252 covered wagon

Photo Hans Ulrich Diener on dybas.de.

14 020 161.1 161.0
12 780 146.9 147.4
4085 47.0 46.2
8 000 92.0 92.5