Covered wagon Gbs NS Exact-train

Covered wagon Gbs 181 NS

Photo Lijn 42 on commons.wikimedia.org.

Exact-train EX20251


High capacity covered wagon Gbs of the NS - Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways)

UIC Number Revision date
01 84 150 1 534-8 20.12.74

78 g (NEM: 65 to 84 g).

This wagon is sold in a two-piece heavy cardboard box with a compact foam cradle inside, covered by a thermoformed plastic cover.

The parts bag supplied includes only two standard couplings and two half brake hoses.

The body is quite finely engraved, and painted in two shades of brown, evoking the repainting of the UIC marking and the NS logo. Apart from the door latch and step, all the attachments are in metal: end steps (photo-etched), various railings, door and buffer handles, etc.

The chassis is very detailed, right down to the anti-drop brackets under the brake bars. The axle holders are fixed to the chassis by two small screws. The buffers are spring-loaded, but their bodies are not detailed.

The wheels, not burnished, are not insulated, but joined by a rather thick plastic sleeve (ø 3.4). This system, practical for lighting a coach, is not justified here. The flanges are 0.8 mm, which is good. The wheel back-to-back distance is 14.2 mm, a little less than the NEM standard (14.5 ± 0.1); the length of the axles is 23 mm. There are no brass bearings, but the running is good.

Information provided by the Dutch website spoorhistorie.com/.

The 395 Hbs series 32000 – 32394 (Gbs 182) wagons were built by Werkspoor in the years 1962 and 1963.

The Hbs high-capacity wagons were intended for larger loads up to a maximum of 26 tonnes. As the designation H was registered for the sliding wall wagons, these wagons were given the designation Gbs.

Main characteristics: tare 13.4 t; maximum load 26 t; usable area 33 m2; speed limit 100 km/h.


Covered wagon Gbs NS Exact-trainCovered wagon Gbs NS Exact-train

Covered wagon Gbs 181 NS

Photo Lijn 42 on commons.wikimedia.org.

14 020 161.1 160.6
12 780 146.9 145.4
2 600 29.9 31.0
3 915 45.0 45.1
8 000 92.0 92.0
1 000 11.5 11.4