Covered wagon Gas LS Models

Covered wagon Gas

Photo SNCF.

LS Models 30325


Gas 8.16

UIC Number Revision date
33 87 190 0 006-3 9.10.00
31 87 191 0 594-8 12.3.68

90 g (NEM : 77 to 100 g)

The first, bought in military version because on sale. But it should not stay long in uniform. As such, it is also too recent for me. It is nevertheless a pity that a wagon as widespread as the G8 in the 1970s was only offered in such small series and so expensive!

The second, delivered in 1968, belongs to the first series and therefore has long steps under the loading doors. 1968 is still the IIId era, not IV as LSM claims. Moreover, its registration number makes it belong to the third series of 1970 (see numbering details), which is inconsistent. Finally, it is equipped with double brake blocks, which seems doubtful to me on this type of wagon.

Various handles (doors, end, back, coupling) inserted in metal. The end steps are made of soft plastic material. Dummy hooks are in place, as well as embryos for brake lines. The loop couplings are delivered separately, unmounted, which is good because it avoids disassembly always risky.

The roof shows apparent welds, whereas in reality it appears completely smooth. Same mistake as Jouef fifty years ago!

The axles rotate in brass bearings. The wheels have fairly large flanges (1 mm), and the back-to-back wheel spacing is still a bit short (14.2) compared to the latest NEM standard (14.5 ±0.1). Considerable difference in height between the ends, due as always to the two-point seating bosses.

See the Loco-Revue forum.


  • Difference in height corrected by 0.3 mm thick spacer.
  • Ref. 30343: double brake blocks replaced with single ones from bogies purchased as spare parts.

Standard type Gas 8.16 built from 1967 to 1970 in 11 750 units by Arbel and Société Franco-Belge.

Detail of the series:

Year UIC No Number
1967 31 87 190 0 000
to 190 3 999
4 000
1968 31 87 190 4 000
to 190 6 999
3 000
1970 31 87 190 7 000
to 191 1 749
4 750

Main characteristics: floor surface 40,5 m2; useful volume 102 m3 ; tare 22 t ; payload 58 t. Bogies Y25 C.

Apparently, the wagons of the 1967 first series were equipped with steps along the entire door width, while the following were equipped with narrow steps to the right of these doors.

Regarding the first rectilinear and horizontal stamped stiffening, then X-shaped, it seems that the transition from one form to the other happened inside the first series.


  • Loco-Revue sheet No 276 / 69 c 23 (former series)
  • Ferrovissime No 5, p. 47-50
  • Photos at tosh-railways.com.
  • SNCF 1973 booklet Wagons à marchandises, p. 32. Diagram and photo (opposite); this wagon of the first series presents plates between ventilation shutters with horizontal rectilinear stampings, like the Jouef model, and not in the form of St Andrew’s cross like the others.
  • Photo extracted from the 1972 SNCF booklet, p. 29.
  • Summary of Gaxx wagons on Loco Revue Forum by Ferrovia.
Wagon Gas

Covered wagon Gas LS ModelsCovered wagon Gas LS Models

Covered wagon Gas

Photo Jean-Michel Docus on Panoramio.

Covered wagon Gas LS ModelsCovered wagon Gas LS Models

Covered wagon Gas

Photo SNCF.

16 790 193.0 193.4
15 550 178.7 178.3
2 700 31.0 31.5
3 957 45.5 45.6 1
11 750 135.1 134.4
1 800 20.7 20.4
920 10.6 10.6
  1. Average, with a significant difference between the two ends: from 45.9 on two-point seat side to 45.3 on the other side.