Gabs covered wagon Roco

Gabs covered wagon

Photo Bernd Kittendorf on bkcw-bahnbilder.de.

Roco 76856


Large capacity Gabs covered wagon.

UIC number Revision date
31 87 181 0 045-2 19.9.02

101 g (NEM : 100 to 130 g).

When unpacking, what strikes first, are the wheels, very bright. A bag contains two steps to glue on the bogies, because, if fixed on the chassis, they prevent their rotation. The doors are sliding, which can be interesting to make an unloading scene.

As usual at Roco, the wheels are not the right diameter (11 instead of 10.6); but the axles are unusually short: 23.8 instead of 24.8, which is explained by the fact that the model is of Klein Modellbahn origin. Roco does not hesitate to sell — expensive — a wagon which, as we will see, is largely non-compliant with the original.

So, a more precise examination makes it possible to identify a number of mistakes, mainly at the ends: vertical body uprights and oblique reinforcements are different; position of the label holders, towing hooks, and steps, non-conforming; no door opening stop, etc.

I thought for a moment that, because of the manufacturers’ Austrian origin, the model was the ÖBB Gabs, but not at all: the latter has metal walls arranged very specifically. Actually, they took the Italian model and simply modified the roof and replaced the doors that are aluminium on the latter.

I did not complain because I knew all this from the Loco-Revue forum, but, in my great naivety, I hoped that, given the price, Roco had corrected (or rather remade) the mould. But alas it is not so.

To end on a positive note, the marking is consistent, except the centre distance of the bogies (14.66 m instead of 16.66 m).


Steps mounted (the wrong side of course…). Wheels changed for burnished and of correct diameter.

I have little information on the actual wagons: built around 1975. Their function is to carry mainly relatively bulky but light goods (household appliances for example). Registration in series 181 0 000 to 0 899.

Main characteristics: tare 28 t; maximum load C: 51.5 t; working volume: 157 m3; working area: 52.6 m2. Opening of the doors: 4 m × 2.15 m.

Because of its exceptional loading surface, this wagon was known as “ballroom”.

See a comparisonCouverts Gabs, comparatif between SNCF and FS Gabs versions. We can see that the body of the Roco model is closer to that of the Italian wagon.


Gabs covered wagon RocoGabs covered wagon Roco

Gabs covered wagon

Photo Bernd Kittendorf on bkcw-bahnbilder.de.

21 700 249.4 249.5
20460 235.2 235.4
(over walls) 2620 30.1 30.4
4013 46.1 46.4
16 660 191.5 188.0
1 800 20.7 20.7
920 10.6 11.0