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USA TC tank wagon Roco

USA TC tank wagon Simotra

Photo Simotra.

Roco 76775


36 m3 1944 USA Transportation Corps type tank wagon

Registration Revision date
DB München 3636 13.2.67

40 g (NEM: 57 to 74 g). 54 g after ballasting.

Former Klein Modellbahn production. The main dimensions (the ones I know anyway) are correct, except the wheels a little too big. Original Bettendorf bogies respected.

I intend transforming this wagon into French version.

This wagon is easily dismantled: nothing is glued. The tank ends are simply fitted into the body, which will facilitate installing a ballast and transforming. The drawbars, whose body is too thin and which are not held, bend when attempting to couple (with Profi Fleischmann coupling heads).

See the Loco-Revue Forum:


  • Bachmann wheels on original axles.
  • Tank straps replaced with EZ-Line thread.
  • Ballasting of 14 g with ø 9 steel bar.
  • Painting chassis, bogies, and wheels with a mixture of Humbrol Enamel, 4 parts of grey No. 224 and 1 part of rust No. 113.

Brought to France by the US Army in 1944, these wagons were acquired by various European administrations at the end of the war.


  • Photos from the SIMOTRA (VTG) website closed from now on. The wagon is in the SNCF registration of the 1950s, and is equipped with a steam heater (photo opposite).
  • Loco-Revue forum.
  • Photos of Marcus59 on 3rails.fr.

USA TC tank wagon RocoUSA TC tank wagon Roco

USA TC tank wagon Simotra

Photo Simotra.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 12 400 142.5 142.6
Chassis length 130.2
Chassis width 27.8
Dome height 45.2 1
Tank height 39.6 1
Tank diameter 24.1
Pivot distance 8 300 95.4 95.2
Bogie wheelbase 1 676 (?) 19.3 19.2
Wheel diameter 838 9.6 10.0 2
  1. With Bachmann wheels; at the origin: + 0.2.
  2. Original wheels replaced with Bachmann ø 9.6.