ANF bogie tank wagon REE

ANF Uahs tank wagon

Photo Simotra on simotra.com (broken link).

REE WB-313


66 m3 “ANF” Uahs tank wagon

UIC number Revision date
21 87 007 8 401-8 P 18.9.78

66 g (NEM: 56 to 73 g).

Very fine engraving, except the ladder — plastic — which seems less fine than for the previous wagons, probably because it is more visible. Photo-etched platforms and steps. Spring buffers but the buffer beams tend to fall down. Bogies Y23.

The wagon is lower (about 0.4 mm) on the gateway side. Difficult to correct because the bearing is spherical. Or it would be necessary to trim the opposite bogie bearing.

See the Loco-Revue Forum.


  • Brake blocks, underframe and buffers painted.
  • Steps and buffer beam opposite the gateway reinforced with Kristal Klear glue.
  • (Insufficient) adjustment of the wagon height (raising gateway side) by ø 3 × 2 mm, 0.4 mm thick polystyrene washers, under the part including the bogie pivot.

12.40 m long tank wagons built in the 1960s by the Ateliers du Nord de la France (ANF).

Note: the tank wagons received the series letter Z after the modification of the UIC numbering in 1980. But, previously, they entered in the “catch-all” series U. To distinguish under this letter of the very varied types (liquid or gas tanks, cereals hoppers, cement silos, etc.), a subscript letter was used, namely h for tanks, which gave Uh for a 2-axle tank and Uah for a bogie tank.

ANF bogie tank wagon REEANF bogie tank wagon REE

ANF Uahs tank wagon

Photo Simotra on simotra.com (broken link).

12 210 140.3 141.3
10 970 126.1 126.1
Chassis width 24.4
Tank height 47.2 1
Tank diameter 2 900 (?) 33.3 33.3
7 350 84.5 84.3
2 000 23.0 22.8
920 10.6 10.6
  1. On average; 47.0 mm on the gangway side (47.2 after modification) to 47.4 mm on the other side.