Rhône-Poullenc bogie tank wagon of the SNCF Fleischmann

Fleischmann 547205


77 m3 Uahs tank wagon

UIC number Revision date
33 87 785 0 909-5 P 9.11.87

87 g (NEM: 66 to86 g).

Probably a German wagon more or less Frenchified (buffers for example are not French type). The engraving is not very fine — see the steps for example. There is a 0.5 mm height difference between the two ends, due to the two-point suspension bosses. The bogies have very thin brake blocks which are not in front of the wheels; the wheels are bright and have the usual diameter of 11 mm whereas it should be 10.6 for Y25 bogies.

Surprising marking. Did tank wagons belong to the Europ pool? I don’t think so, because the Europ Convention did not concern private wagons.Fleischmann tank registration plate

Too recent for me (era IVb-V).


  • Reduction of the bogie suspension bosses to lower the height of 0.5 mm on side opposite the gateway.

No specific information yet.

Rhône-Poullenc bogie tank wagon of the SNCFRhône-Poullenc bogie tank wagon of the SNCF

14 400 1 165.5 165.0
Tank height 48.7 2
Tank diameter 34.0
9 300 1 106.9 106.4
(Y25) 1 800 20.7 20.6
920 10.6 11.0
  1. Values marked on the wagon.
  2. After correction. Before: 48.7 gangway side and 49.2 opposite.