Aral bogie tank wagon of the DB Electrotren

Electrotren 5860K


Uahs tank wagon of the DB

UIC number Revision date
33 80 795 3 135-0 P 25.1.98

82 g (NEM: 64 to 83 g).

Wheels ø 10.5 mm, correct. Chassis too high of 1 mm, and difficult to modify because of the drawbar position. See, however, the modification by Christophe on the e-train forum (with the foreseeable default that the coupling is also lowered).

Too recent for me (Era Vb).


  • Lowering one millimetre by cutting the pivots and milling the bogie chassis.
  • Installation of height adjustable dovetail couplings to compensate for lowering. NEM boxes are shortened by 2 mm to make up for the excessive buffer spacing due to this coupling type.

This wagon is equipped with Y21Cse bogies designed for the wheel set interchange between France and Spain.

Electrotren has well respected a feature visible on the outside of these bogies, namely that the tee-shaped stops normally preventing the axle boxes from coming out of the side beam rails when lifting the wagon are here retractable, precisely to allow the wheel set interchange. This bogie exists in the DB nomenclature under type 622. See the picture.Bogie Y21Cse à essieux interchangeables
Source: drehgestelle.de.

See photos of similar ALGECO wagons from the SIMOTRA (VTG) website closed from now on.

Note: the tank wagons received the series letter Z after the modification of the UIC numbering in 1980. But, previously, they entered in the “catch-all” series U. To distinguish under this letter of the very varied types (liquid or gas tanks, cereals hoppers, cement silos, etc.), a subscript letter was used, namely h for tanks, which gave Uh for a 2-axle tank and Uah for a bogie tank.

Aral bogie tank wagon of the DB ElectrotrenAral bogie tank wagon of the DB Electrotren

Chassis width 25.8
Tank height 46.0
Tank diameter 30.7
(Y21) 2 000 23.0 22.8
920 10.6 10.5