Aral bogie tank wagon of the DB Electrotren

Electrotren 5860K


Uahs tank wagon of the DB

UIC number Revision date
33 80 795 3 135-0 P 25.1.98

82 g (NEM: 64 to 83 g).

Wheels ø 10.5 mm, correct. Chassis too high of 1 mm, and difficult to modify because of the drawbar position. See, however, the modification by Christophe on the e-train forum (with the foreseeable default that the coupling is also lowered).

Too recent for me (Era Vb).


  • Lowering one millimetre by cutting the pivots and milling the bogie chassis.
  • Installation of height adjustable dovetail couplings to compensate for lowering. NEM boxes are shortened by 2 mm to make up for the excessive buffer spacing due to this coupling type.

This wagon probably originates from Spain. The bogie wheelbase is 2 m, so they are not Y25 but Y21Cse (according to Pierre Barbe), rather specialized in French-Spanish traffic. So, on a German wagon?

See photos of similar ALGECO wagons from the SIMOTRA (VTG) website closed from now on.

Note: the tank wagons received the series letter Z after the modification of the UIC numbering in 1980. But, previously, they entered in the “catch-all” series U. To distinguish under this letter of the very varied types (liquid or gas tanks, cereals hoppers, cement silos, etc.), a subscript letter was used, namely h for tanks, which gave Uh for a 2-axle tank and Uah for a bogie tank.

Aral bogie tank wagon of the DB ElectrotrenAral bogie tank wagon of the DB Electrotren

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 161.4
Chassis length 148.5
Chassis width 25.8
Tank height 46.0
Tank diameter 30.7
Pivot distance 99.3
Bogie wheelbase (Y21) 2 000 23.0 22.8
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.6