Citerne TP Makette

Citerne Uahk TP

Photo M. Le Guay.

Makette 4553


24 m3 “TP” Uahk tank wagon

UIC number Revision date
20 87 720 1 635-9 13.3.71
Renumbered (decal)
20 87 720 1 123-4  

49 g (NEM: 49 to 64 g).

Respect of scale globally satisfactory, except for the height. There is also a very unsightly space between the chassis and the bogies.

The figure 1 is missing in the number. The engraving is thickened (lamp holders), especially on one side where one of the hauling diabolos is even just absent. The dome rivets on the tank body are enormous, one wonders why, since the others are of correct size. The ladder and decking are crooked. The bogies are not much better than old Jouef: see this comparison that hurts!Comparatif bogies Diamond The wheels are spokes — whereas these wagons were, at least initially, equipped with plain wheels — and without delimitation of the rims. The buffers are glued sideways. There are two brake wheels, yes pretty, one on each side, when in reality there was only one, and only on rare wagons.

So, pretty disappointing overall: mistrust of future Makette products.

See the Loco-Revue Forum, particukarly page 30 for dismantling.


  • Brake flywheel removed side opposite to the platform. Central fixing screw of the tank put preventively (advice from Gerard Huet).
  • Bogies replaced with REE’s, but with ø 9.6 Bachmann wheels (finer tyre tread). This replacement required a 0.5 mm thick spacer. The elongation guide “gull wing” was thickened by 0.5 mm to raise the coupling heads.TP tank wagon equipped with REE bogies
  • (Compliant) UIC number changed by decal.

Brought to France by the US Army in 1917/18, these wagons were then acquired under Public Works Ministry and then shared between the networks around 1920. Source: Loco-Revue sheet cited below.

Note: the tank wagons received the series letter Z after the modification of the UIC numbering in 1980. But, previously, they entered in the “catch-all” series U. To distinguish under this letter of the very varied types (liquid or gas tanks, cereals hoppers, cement silos, etc.), a subscript letter was used, namely h for tanks, which gave Uh for a 2-axle tank and Uah for a bogie tank.


  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 372 / 101971 - 71 c 31 (former series). Sheet preview.LR sheet

Tank wagon TP MaketteTank wagon TP Makette

Tank wagon Uahk TP

Photo M. Le Guay.

10 700 123.0 123.6
9 600 110.3 109.3
Chassis width 2 522 29.0 29.3
Chassis height 1 120 1 13.9 14.1 2
Dome height 4 080 46.9 48.2 2
Tank diameter 1 948 22.4 22.3
6 552 75.3 74.7
1 676 19.3 19.3
840 9.7 9.6 3
  1. Estimated.
  2. After lowering.
  3. Bachmann wheels (the picture above shows the wagon equipped with Roco wheels that don’t really improve it…).