Jouef USTC tank

Simotra USTC tank

Photo Simotra on (broken link).

Jouef 651/6510


USA Transportation Corps 1945 (approx.)

UIC / SNCF number Revision date
21 87 007 5 585-6 P
SRw 559581 P

45 g

New in 1959 (Shell) and 1970 (Elf).

Three units, one of which was recently given to me by a friend, in original version with Jouef couplers and plastic wheels.

The Elf wagon, although more detailed (representation of the rivets), had a big defect of moulding: the two half-tanks were shifted. I had to sand and repaint the ends to hide this horror.


Bogie pivots reinforced; Bachmann RP25 ø 9.6 NMRA wheels; openwork bogies.

USA Transportation Corps introduced in Europe in 1944.

Jouef USTC tankJouef USTC tank

Jouef USTC tankJouef USTC tank

Citerne Uah

Photo Simotra on (broken link).