DB tank wagon Piko

Piko ? (5/6424-027 for the version with brake cab)


ZZ51 DB bogie tank wagon of 63 m3)

90 g

Wagon recently offered by a friend. Good condition. The upper guardrail and that of the gateway are broken but without missing. The buffers are intact except a chipped one. A coupling, repaired by screw and gluing, has no more clearance.

Yellow tank with SHELL red name. Marking: DB 592436 - Bf. Hamburg Süd - Ladegut: Brennbare flüssigkeiten (flammable liquids). There are also numerous silk-screen-printed markings on the chassis: volume (630 hl), tare (17440 kg), length (12.35 m), centre distance between bogies (6.6 m), and Unt. EVA Brühl 3.7.54 which I haven’t found the meaning of… but Pierre B. and VincentLB have: “Unterhalt Eisenbahn-Verkehrsmittel AG Brühl” (maintenance by Railway Transport Means Co. in Brühl).

The brake blocks are well positioned relative to the wheels!

DB tank wagon PikoDB tank wagon Piko