Milk tank wagon Novateur Modèles

Milk tank wagon

Photo Jean-Paul Demoy

Novateur Modèles 50009


Uhs, isothermal tank wagon for transporting dairy products.

UIC Number Revision date
21 87 072 8 007-7 GCR 10.2.67
Home base: Paris-Batignolles

35 g (NEM  47 to 61 g); 51 g after ballasting.

For this particular model (UIC registration), the designers were obviously inspired by Jean-Paul Demoy’s photo opposite, and by the dimensions given in the Loco-Revue sheet at the bottom of the page: same UIC number, spoked wheels…

Nothing to criticize on the respect of the scale, almost perfect, except the too important overall height. The weight is low, although a small ballast plate is inserted between the body and the chassis. This plate, although perfectly invisible, is grooved in width as if it represented a floor. Prediction for a future model?

The ladders are very fine. The decoration is well applied and readable. Small flaw: on one side, the wording LES MESSAGERIES LAITIÈRES has been written too far to the right, and the last S is almost erased.

The running is good. There are no metal bearings. The wheels have 1 mm flanges; their back-to-back distance is 14.5 mm, perfectly in accordance with the NEM. The axle length is 24.0 mm.

The drawbars tend to jam in the extreme position, mainly because the return springs are too soft because too long.

See the Loco-Revue Forum.


Two original HJ ballast plates (MH hoppers) added to increase the weight by 16 g. See the disassembled wagon with the added plates.Disassembled wagon

Quote from the Loco-Revue sheet.

The company “Les Messageries Laitières” has equipped rented chassis with isothermal tanks for the transport of milk. In addition to the tank itself, these wagons have boxes designed to accommodate to hold milk product containers (especially cream). While the tanks are of a standard 120 hl type, the chassis are of various origins but with similar useful lengths. In particular, there are Etat II, ex-Ouest, OCEM and ex-DR chassis with different dimensions: wheelbase varying from 5.80 m to 7 m and overall length ranging from 9.70 m to 10.80 m.

UIC numbering: 21 87 071 1 000-x P .Uh and 21 87 072 7/8 000-x P .Uhs.

General characteristics: capacity 120 hl (12 m3); tare weight approx. 14 t; load 14 t (12 t in S-load); speed 80 km/h (100 km/h in domestic traffic — star load for .Uh, 100 km/h with S-load for .Uhs).

As the chassis of these wagons was reformed at the end of the 1960s, the tanks were recovered and mounted in groups of three on the chassis of R9 bogie wagons (overall length 19.90 m), registered 21 87 077 4557-4 to 4576-4. These new wagons were reformed in 1982.


  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 587/41977 - 76 c 51 older series. Sheet preview.Loco-Revue sheet
  • Ferrovissime No. 37 of April 2011, p. 26 to 30 Les citernes isothermes de 120 hl des Messageries laitières.

Milk tank wagon Novateur ModèlesMilk tank wagon Novateur Modèles

Milk tank wagon

Photo Jean-Paul Demoy

 1 1:87
10 130 116.4 116.6
9 000 103.4 103.6
2 580 29.7 29.8 2
Overall height 3 655 42.0 43.4
5 800 66.7 66.7
1 000 11.5 11.6
  1. Variable according to the reuse chassis.
  2. At the buffer beam.
Chassis used in 1960 according to Ferrovissime No. 37 1
Type Overall length Wheelbase
État II 8 600 5 800
OCEM 30/31 10 000 6 500
Ex-DR 10 800 7 000
Ouest (ex-État) 8 620 5 800
Sud-Ouest (ex-PO) 8 620 5 750
  1. The Loco-Revue sheet gives a diagram with other values:
    Overall length 10 130 and wheelbase 5 800.