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Richard cereal hopper REE

Cereal hopper

Photo Patrick Sambourg on wagonmania.

REE WB-559 (two wagons)


45 m3 Ugp cereal hopper wagon.

UIC Number Revision Date
23 87 903 5 650-1 P 27.10.81
23 87 903 5 092-6 P 18.12.81

49 g (NEM: 42 to 55 g).

These wagons are in post-1980 registration, a pity for me, but it doesn’t matter much.

0.78 mm flange wheels, back to back distance 14.0 instead of 14.5; this could pose a crossing problem. This is curious, because the previous ones were more consistent, with a value of 14.3.

A bag of parts contains, per wagon, the loop couplings, two spare flywheels, two complete screw couplings and two half brake hoses, although there is no location for these…

The grey colour is more neutral and lighter than the older one, which was a little yellowish. It evokes wagons just out of revision.

The details are a little finer than on the predecessors, which were already pretty good. For example, the guardrails of the bridge have a section of 1.0 × 0.9 compared to 1.25 × 1.0 before; the roof handrails are metallic, not plastic. On the other hand, the plastic buffer handles are less thin. The trap unloading flywheels are identical.

It is difficult to insert a standardized coupling into the NEM box; indeed, as its walls are very hollow, the coupling tail, not correctly guided, is positioned askew and stops at the rear. See the picture.NEM box problem

Other defect: the small drawbar return spring, in the form of a transverse straight wire, is very close to the wheels on the brake gangway side. Sometimes, especially in curves, it touches the flanges and causes a short. See the picture. The arrows indicate the possible contact points.Problème du ressort de rappel

See Loco-Revue Forum.


  • To facilitate the installation of a coupling, its tail is cut obliquely.
  • Short-circuiting return spring problem solved. The cause is a bad assembly. To correct it, you have to access the elongation mechanism from above, by removing the wagon body. See Loco-Revue Forum, from this message.

45 m3 wagons built in 1964 by Cadoux (ex établissements industriels Bernard Richard) at Saint-Denis de l’Hôtel (Loiret - France). Max. load: 30 t; tare: around 10 t.

Richard cereal hopper REERichard cereal hopper REE

Cereal hoppers CTC and MRO REERichard cereal hopper REE

Cereal hopper

Photo Patrick Sambourg on wagonmania.

9 150 105.2 105.0
7 970 1 91.6 91.8
 ? 85.2
 ? 36.5
 ? 48.6
5 300 60.9 60.9
1 000 11.5 11.5
  1. Supposed value.