Green A4t4 LS Models

A4t4 USI verte

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LS Models-Heris 14011-III (twice), 14013, 14016


A4t4 USI in C160 livery, USI 67 type for ref. 14011, USI 69 type for ref. 14016, and Celtic green, USI 66 type for ref. 14013.

UIC number Revision date
50 87 18-77 092-4 2 27.11.70
50 87 18-77 092-4 2 27.11.70
50 87 18-77 067-2 2 29.3.68
50 87 18-70 141-2 2 12.6.72
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143 g (NEM: 115 to 150 g)

This is the first series of USI cars designed by LS Models in collaboration with Heris. Moulded stunted handles. Bogies whose pivot is off-axis and which don’t have a rotation stop turn easily perpendicular. The electric heating cables have a funny look. The compartment interior windows sides are not vertical.

Body too low, wheelbase too short of 7 mm! I don’t understand this: the wheelbase has certainly been shortened to facilitate running in curves. But wouldn’t it have been favoured as well by respecting a more correct chassis height?

The reference 14016 has a 1st class yellow strip voluntarily shifted upwards (variant).



  • Body raised by 0.7 mm by interposing polystyrene spacers. Therefore, it appears a space between the body bottom and the bogie suspension consoles. The displacement of the latter from the bogie to the body (actual position) is under study, the problem is to ensure sufficient strength while allowing the movement of the bogie.
  • Pivot distance corrected by changing the position of the bogie pivot axes and cutting part of their side beams at the step boards. The picture of two cars together show them after rectification of the centre distance.

Cars called USI (Unifiées Service Intérieur — Unified for Interior Service), on Y28 D bogies, built from 1966 to 1970 by the Ateliers du Nord de la France (ANF).

The car has in its middle four classic compartments six seats each, framed at the ends by rooms with central corridor. In these, the seats have three-position reclining backrest. This explains the pitch of the windows, wider in the middle than at the ends. The B10t 2nd class car body shows the same configuration, although it is not necessary in this case.


A4t4 LS Models in C160 liveryA4t4 LS Models in C160 livery

A4t4 LS Models in C160 liveryA4t4 LS Models in C160 livery

A4t4 LS Models in green liveryA4t4 LS Models in green livery

Green A4t4 USI

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Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 25 094 288.4 289.0
Body length 24 794 285.0 284.5
Chassis length 23 794 273.5 276.0
Body width 2 880 33.1 33.1
Height 3 870 44.5 43.8 1
Pivot distance 17 000 195.4 188.5 2
Bogie wheelbase (Y28) 2 560 29.4 29.3
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.9
  1. 44.6 after rising.
  2. 195.5 after rectification.