UIC B5D coach in cement grey livery

Anonymous photo.

REE VB-099-3 et VB-100


B5Dd2 UIC 69 type 2nd class - luggage coach in C160 livery

UIC number Revision date
51 87 82-70 055-4 5 12.4.73
51 87 82-70 063-8 5 10.5.73
Home base: Villeneuve

126 g (NEM: 113 to 146 g)

Same general remarks as for the B10 coach. A much lower price (from €62 to €49 and even €33!) shows that the defects found, always present, namely the roof-body junction much too apparent and the metallized grey strip rather poorly applied, too wide and especially too low, have hindered the sale of these coaches, although very finely engraved.

Manufacturing defects, new or already noted, are added on one or other of the models in my possession:

  • unglued bogie damper;
  • a deformed bogie beam;
  • stains (glue?) between glazing and luggage grille;
  • dust on the window panes (inside);
  • two handles next to the doors missing;
  • two buffers crooked (not to mention the plates!)

The metallic grey colour is incompatible with that of the LS Models USI coaches (darker, less glossy). But I don’t know who is right.

The seats are beige, while they are bluish grey on the B10. But it may be consistent, since the UIC B5D are more recently built.

There are on one side of the chassis two bosses meant to ensure a 2-point suspension (the third point being the ball of the opposite side bogie), but these bosses don’t lean on the bogie! They should be thicker by an average of 0.15 mm. And, on the other hand, there is very little clearance in rolling to the ball side: the secondary suspension spring heads quickly come into stop on the chassis beams.

The gangways, very thin and in metal, don’t stand vertical. Must be glued if you don’t want to lose one!

Tail lamps are incorporated.



  • Missing handles replaced.
  • 3-point suspension restored by interposition of 0.3 mm spacers glued on the bogie frame, bosses side.
  • Lighting with LEDs controlled by latching reed switch.
  • Tail lamps controlled by another latching reed switch.

Coaches built according to the UIC specifications (Y type), 24.5 m long, delivered in 1972-1973 by De Dietrich and CIMT Lorraine, in 118 units. UIC numbers 51 87 82-70 001-8 to 118-0 (source: EC64, see link below). Tare weight 41 t.

It is very likely that these coaches were released directly in C160 livery since it was applied from 1970.


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UIC B5D coach in cement grey livery

Photo anonyme.

24 500 281.6 282.5
23 200 266.7 266.5
2 880 33.1 33.4
4 050 46.6 46.3 1
17 200 197.7 197.3
2 300 26.4 26.5
920 10.6 10.6
  1. On average 46.5 after rectification of the seat.
List of the UIC B5D (after ec64.pagesperso-orange.fr)
Type UIC No. Num. Bogies Deliv.
UIC 69 51 87 82-70 001 to 068 68 Y24 1972
UIC 70 51 87 82-70 069 to 118 50 Y24 1973

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