TEE PBA coach Trix


Photo collection Y. Broncard in Le Train Archives de la DEV Volume 2.

Trix 23408 (four coaches) et 23409 (three coaches)


TEE PBA “Ile de France” coaches.

Coach UIC Number Revision
A5rtu 61 87 84-89 020-3 29.02.72
A8tu 61 88 18-89 989-9 (B) 10.08.72
A8u 61 87 18-89 887-6 14.01.72
A8u 61 87 18-89 882-7 22.05.72
A3rtu 61 87 84-89 028-6 28.04.72
A8tu 61 88 18-89 982-4 (B) 13.07.72

210 g (NEM: 117 to 152 g)

Photographed coach: A8tu.

Longer buffers as well as non-flattened bellows are provided for the ends of the train.

These coaches are too low of about 0.8 mm, which is obvious if they are coupled to LS Models Mistral 69 which have a correct height.

Disassembly is very simple: just remove the gangway bellows, and the chassis goes out without difficulty. The roof and the body form a single part, which is favourable to their junction’s aspect.



  • End-of-convoy lights on coach No. 7
  • Improved power pick-up on coach No. 7.
  • Lighting circuits and function decoder (in coach No. 7).
  • Trix electrified coupling with 1.27 mm pitch connectors.
  • Guide parts for lighting wires near the bogies.
  • Coach No. 7: new high brightness LED lights, new decoder.
  • All coaches: new lighting strip with one LED per compartment; body raised by 0.6 mm.

Stainless steel coaches built in 1963/1964, seven A8u, seven A5rtu, four A3rtu, by Carel & Fouché (France) and eleven A8tu by La Brugeoise & Nivelles (Belgium) to ensure the Trans Europ Express connection Paris - Brussels - Amsterdam.

The commercial service of these coaches began on 31 March 1964, with the Ile de France Paris - Amsterdam and Brabant Paris - Brussels trains, followed a few months later by the Etoile du Nord and the Oiseau Bleu.

Detailed characteristics:

  • A8u coach: 48 seats in eight compartments of six places. Side corridor. Side walls made of Securit glass. On the corridor side, the windows are higher (958 instead of 830) thanks to the suppression of the blind’s electric motor, the goal being to allow the tall travellers to enjoy the landscape without having to bend down. This resulted in reducing the red TEE strip to a narrow line.
  • A8tu coach: 46 seats, central corridor. A folding table between two rows of seats is provided for dining at the place. The seats have three positions accordingly: meal, rest and release (the latter allowing a traveller to get up when the table is unfolded).
  • A5rtu kitchen coach: it has a kitchen and a separate compartment of the same type as the A8tu coach, 29 seats, allowing also dining at the place.
  • A3rtu bar coach: it includes a bar with a 12-seat drinking room and a 17-seat compartment of the same type as the A8tu coach.

The tare weight ranges from 47 to 48 tonnes. The electrical energy is supplied by the generator coach under 660 V three-phase voltage. The air conditioning of each coach is provided by a Stone air conditioning unit which automatically switches from heating to ventilation and refrigeration.


TEE PBA coach TrixTEE PBA coach Trix


Photo collection Y. Broncard in Le Train Archives de la DEV Volume 2.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 25 500 293.1 292.0
Body length 25 140 289.0 289.5
Body width 2 860 32.9 33.1
Height 4 050 46.6 45.9 1
Pivot distance 18 100 208.0 208.4
Bogie wheelbase (Y24) 2 300 26.4 26.4
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.4
  1. 46.7 after modification.