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A8u Mistral 69 car LS Models

A8u Mistral 66

Mistral 66 car - Anonymous photo in Le Train Archives de la DEV Volume 2.

LS Models 41002-1


A8u TEE “Mistral 66”

UIC number Revision date
61 87 18-89 912-2 5 6.7.78

145 g (NEM: 118 to 153 g)

This car was part of a set of three. The metallic aspect is well rendered. The chassis is not deformed, as I feared, this series having been affected by a manufacturing defect. There is no detail under the chassis, but that does not bother me.

The material of the accessories (buffers, suspension supports, etc.) is translucent (a frequent case a few years ago, see the EAD railcar, the 40100 and so on).

The bogies, equipped with brass bearings, are easily removed by pulling on them. The pendulum suspension supports are attached to the bogies instead of being attached to the body: too bad. Steps are provided and attach to the bogies. But one does not fit.

Mechanically, the “suspension” of this car is not good: to the two-point suspension end, the chassis actually leans on two circle arcs, which prevents any movement of rotation; to the other end, it leans on a dia. 6 mm cylinder, far from being punctual. It is not surprising that this car derails as easily.

The “cinema” window, i.e. the route display, has a big joint, which reduces the height of the toilet window above. All the windows are also affected by this too big joint which reduces their size, impression still increased by the TEE red strip which is a little too thin.

Coupled to a Trix PBA, there are differences in the shade of metallic grey, brighter here. The corrugations of the roof are thinner. The difference in height (The PBAs miss 0.7 mm) is flagrant.



  • Installation of lighting of the same type as the PBA’s, with Viessmann conductive couplings. Body raised by 0.15 mm to the side supposed being 1-point suspension.
  • Wheels changed to avoid derailment.

Air-conditioned Mistral 66 type cars (often called Mistral 69), built in 27 units for the first series, between 1968 and 1969, by Carel & Fouché.

Bogies Y28 E. Tare 44.5 t. 48 seats in eight compartments of six seats. Speed ​​limit 160 km/h.

Mainly planned to run on the Sud-Est network on the TEE Le Mistral (rare case at that time of a TEE on a purely national route), some ran in the Nord together with the PBA cars of which they are the descendants (same dimensions, same material: stainless steel, with some structural improvements). The visible differences are the bogies (Y28 instead of Y24 for PBAs) and the windows’ height, larger than that of PBAs, except for the corridor side of A8u PBA, but with a very small red strip at this place.

The first cars traveling in the Nord Region were in the 888 to 894 range.


A8u Mistral 69 car LS ModelsA8u Mistral 69 car LS Models

A8u Mistral 66

Mistral 66 car - Anonymous photo in Le Train Archives de la DEV Volume 2.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 25 500 293.1 294.0
Chassis length 24 200 278.2 280.0
Body width 2 860 32.9 33.0
Height 4 050 46.6 46.4 1
Pivot distance 18 100 208.0 205.7
Bogie wheelbase (Y28) 2 560 29.4 29.3
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.6
  1. 46.2 to one end ; 46.6 to the other.