NMBS M2 coach Märklin

NMBS M2 coach

Photo 15038 on flickr.

Märklin 43530


NMBS M2 coaches for domestic service.

Type Number Revision date
B 42.307 27.9.61
B 42.648 17.2.62
AB 43.218 22.3.62
BD 49.251 12.6.62

156 to 162 g; 115 to 128 g after removing the ballast (NEM : 110 to 143 g).

Set of four M2 coaches in original green livery: an A5B5 coach, two B11 coaches and a B8D coach. Product released in 2001.

The box is huge (640 × 175 mm): not easy to ship or store! It reminds me of a certain EAD 1st generation!Märklin box

Appearance very correct. Wheels burnished. The train set is delivered with four folded bellows for non-coupled end. These bellows are easily interchangeable, unlike those of other manufacturers. One annoying detail, however, and common with Märklin, is the upward shift of the buffer heads so as not to interfere with the couplings. No electric heating cables.

The respect of the scale is very good, except for the width and the height a little too small. But these coaches run only in a homogeneous set; this little defect will not be visible.

The coaches are too heavy, but the 45 g ballast, not glued, will be easy to remove to respect the NEM recommendation.

The bogies don’t have a 3-point suspension. They are articulated only on the y-axis (perpendicular to the symmetry plane). They don’t have brass bearings. Anyway, the wheel sets will be changed for isolated models complying with the NEM 310 standard.

Disassembly is very easy: just remove the bellows and spread the body bottom a little. We discover a slightly rustic interior, green in 2nd class and red in 1st. The luggage part is cream. Attention: when reassembling, glazings, not glued, tend to escape. You’ll have to verify that they are well engaged in the small pins located at the top.


  • Replacement of axles (insulated, NEM compliant).
  • Folded bellows at the ends of the train, 1st class end of the AB coach and luggage end of the BD coach.
  • Ballast removed.
  • Lighting of compartments by twelve LED strip; the tail lamps installed at one end of the AB and BD coaches, as well as the lighting of each coach, are controlled by bistable reed switch. The train electrical supply is ensured from the BD coach by contact strips on its eight wheels, and by Viessmann type electric couplings (modified Fleischmann Profi).

Series of 612 coaches built between 1958 and 1960 for the NMBS by La Brugeoise and Nivelles. Weight: 33 t; maximum speed: 140 km/h; bogies Schlieren. They were used on the internal lines of Belgium, with incursions into the neighbouring countries: France (Lille), the Netherlands (Maastricht), and Luxembourg.

From 1977, some train sets were equipped for push-pull service with BD coaches equipped with a driving cab.

At the middle of their career (1980), these coaches received a red livery with white horizontal stripes. They were withdrawn in 2004.

Example of a train to be reproduced in the 1970s: Express 2706, 2720 Brussels Midi - Lille, with a Diesel Series 51 or 62 — here, the 6321 Van Biervliet — (source: Ferrovissime No. 60 of May 2013).Train of M2 coaches


NMBS M2 coach MärklinNMBS M2 coach Märklin

NMBS M2 coach MärklinNMBS M2 coach Märklin

NMBS M2 coach MärklinNMBS M2 coach Märklin

NMBS M2 coach

Photo 15038 on flickr.

24 000 275.9 276.3
22 700 260.9 261.0
3 098 35.6 35.1
3 774 43.4 42.8
15 300 175.9 175.7
2 700 31.0 30.9
900 10.3 10.3
Detail of the coaches, for the diagrams reproduced by Märklin, according to lijn58.be (broken link):
Type NMBS No. UIC No. Qty
B11 42 301 to 650 50 88 20 38/48 601 to 950 350
A5B5 43 201 to 304 50 88 39 48 601 to 704 104
B8D 49 201 to 316 50 88 82 38/48 601 to 716 116

Axle with plain wheels 1-side isolation.
Diameter 10.4 mm - 24.4 mm between tips,
€1.76 — price 2018
ref. LU-NEM-10,4-24,40S at micro-modele