Rapide Nord A8 LS Models

A8 Rapide Nord car

Photo R. Bersot.

LS Models 40192-1


A8 Rapide Nord

UIC number Revision date
51 87 18-37 137-1 2 8.8.75

148 g (NEM: 103 to 134 g)

The seventh and eighth digits of the UIC number went from 47 to 37, which indicates the suppression of steam heating, plausible at the end of the 1970s, and, in fact, the very visible steam pipe on the Nord cars is absent here. So do not install the steam coupling.

Model very finely engraved and extremely detailed. The inner walls are decorated with different colours depending on the class. There is a double roof in which the interior ceiling lights are even planned!

The car is higher on one side than the other. It is due to the bosses of the 3-point suspension: the pivot should have been a little longer (0.5 mm approximately) to the dynamo side to compensate these bosses on the opposite side. Moreover, it is impossible to mount a standard tail coupling on the opposite side of the dynamo. These recurring defects concern the six Rapide Nord cars in my possession.

LS Models gives no information on dismantling, unlike F-type sleeping-cars. See the Loco-Revue forum page 48.



  • Drawbar mangled to accept a coupling. Body raised dynamo side by 0.5 mm thick plastic spacer. Toilet evacuation put in right place.
  • Steps painted with Humbrol mix “natural wood” No. 110 and “dark grey” No. 32.
  • Lighting with current pickup by brass bearings and isolated half-axles, controlled by bistable reed switch. Decoration of compartments.
Voiture Nord en nocturne

Cars made in 44 units in 1928 for the Compagnie du Nord, by Blanc-Misseron, Franco-Belge, Cail and the Compagnie Française de Matériel de Chemin de fer. UIC numbers: 51 87 18-47 122-1 to 164-2.

These “Rapide” Nord cars are externally characterized by the fact that the toilets are in the centre.


Rapide Nord A8 LS ModelsRapide Nord A8 LS Models

A8 Rapide Nord car

Photo R. Bersot.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 22 350 256.9 256.5
Chassis length 21 000 241.4 241.5
Body width 2 900 33.3 33.3
Height 4 000 46.0 46.1 1
Pivot distance 15 500 178.2 178.3
Bogie wheelbase 2 500 28.7 28.8
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.6
  1. After correction. Before: 45.5 dynamo side to 46.1 opposite.