Az UIC-X 1968 car Rivarossi

Az UIC-X car

Photo Manuel Paa on

Rivarossi HR4115


1st class Az UIC-X tipo 1968 car of the Italian Railways (Ferrovie dello Stato) in grigio ardesia (slate grey) livery.

UIC number Revision date
51 83 10-70 090-2 30-01-76

183 g (NEM: 121 to 158 g)

Wheels dia. 10, all insulated. Equipped with lighting. Drawbars adjustable in two positions. Photoetched class figures as separate parts.

No electric heating cables, despite the presence of fixing holes (and these cables actually exist, of course). The drawbars have too much clearance in the elongation system (about 1 mm). The handrails are coarse and square instead of round or flat. The steps are too thick. The doors are too small; probably an approximation to use the mould of a more recent version. The seats are brownish red.

The lighting gives an orange light sodium-vapor-like; there are twelve LEDs not centered on the compartments. The light intensity is much too strong. Consumption 190 mA.



  • Lighting changed, controlled by reed switch (consumption: 3.2 mA at 15 V, i.e. 60 times less than originally!).
  • Body raised by 0.5 mm thick spacers.
  • WHeels painted. Drawbars shortened.
  • Seats painted. Decoration of floors, walls and partitions (mirrors, pictures, carpets in compartments, window frames).

Type 1968 cars, built in 178 units and put into service between 1970 and 1972. The small white triangle on the body ends indicates that the car is suitable for 3000 V electric heating.

Note: the photo above shows a type 1970 car (presence of skirts).

An FS Az car was part of the “Flèche d’or” (Golden Arrow) Calais - Paris train in the 1970s (source: Ferrovissimo No. 11 on the CC 72000).


Az UIC-X 1968 car RivarossiAz UIC-X 1968 car Rivarossi

Az UIC-X car

Photo Manuel Paa on

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 26 400 303.4 302.8
Chassis length 25 100 288.5 290.0
Body width 2 825 32.5 32.5
Height 4 050 46.6 46.0 1
Pivot distance 19 000 218.4 217.7
Bogie wheelbase (MD) 2 500 28.7 28.4
Wheel diameter 940 10.8 10.1
  1. Before raising to 46.5 mm.