FS ABz coach Roco

FS ABz 64 coach

Photo Marco Taf on trenomania.org.

Roco 44718


1st / 2nd class ABz UIC-X tipo 1964 coach of the Italian Railways (Ferrovie dello Stato) in grigio ardesia (slate grey) livery.

UIC number Revision date
51 83 31-700 69-1 27-1-87

177 g originally, 164 g after ballast reduction (NEM: 121 to 158 g)

This coach is a pure redecoration of the DB model, with the only difference that it does not have incorporated tail lights, which is consistent. This results in a lot of distortions to reality: doors and undersides, to name only the most visible. Plates of purely Italian routes are provided. The generator is back to front on the bogie, and the UIC number is probably wrong (facts reported by Pierre B on the Loco Revue forum).

Too low from 0.6 (2-point suspension side) to 1.3 mm. There is a height difference of 0.7 mm between ends!

The interior fittings are red in first class, brown in second class. They respect the layout of three front row seats in 2nd class, unlike those of UIC-X Rivarossi coaches.

Comparison between Roco and Riva FS UIC-XComparison between Roco and Rivarossi coaches. The difference in height is obvious (but the Riva has already been raised by 0.5 mm). In addition, the Roco bogie seems collapsed. The colour is very different, grey-purple in Roco, grey-yellow in Riva, the latter being, I think, the closest to reality. The doors are probably wrong on both models (the big one, Roco, should be semi-opening, while the little one, Riva, should not be, if I understand the excellent Google translation — no, I’m kidding — Scalla Enne site). Finally, as Riva did not think it necessary to release this coach, we will be satisfied with the Roco.

See gamos81.altervista.org for the reference list of issued FS UIC-X coach models.


  • Axles set to the NEM gauge (14.5 instead of 14.3). Insulating ø 4 sleeve replaced with a ø 3 tube. Bearing blades glued on bogie frame. Raising spacers, 0.5 mm thick 2-point suspension side, 1 mm to the other side.
  • Decoration of floors, walls and partitions, made of printed paper. This decoration is made on the completely dismantled coach (windows and seats), which makes it much easier to install (spray glue).
  • Lighting by 13 SMD LEDs strip controlled by reed switch.

ABz 55000 series coaches mounted on Minden-Deutz MD50 bogies. Made in 110 units, put into service in 1966-1967.

There was an FS ABz coach and a BZ coach in the Dunkirk-Basel train that I used to take in 1973 to go from Lille to Nancy.


FS ABz coach RocoFS ABz coach Roco

FS ABz 64 coach

Photo Marco Taf on trenomania.org.

26 400 303.4 302.8
25 100 288.5 288.6
2 825 32.5 32.4
4 050 46.6 45.5 1
19 000 218.4 218.3
(MD) 2 500 28.7 28.8
940 10.8 11.0
  1. Average. 45.9 2-point suspension side; 45.2 on the other side, so a difference of 0.7 mm. 46.2 after raising.