Bcz FS coach ACME

Bz tipo 59 FS coach

Bz (not Bcz) coach, anonymous photo on pinterest.

ACME 50533


2nd class couchette Bcz tipo 1959 coach of the Italian Railways (Ferrovie dello Stato) in grigio ardesia (slate grey) livery.

UIC number Revision date
51 83 59-80 143-9 26-6-81
Residenza : Milano Centrale

151 g (NEM: 113 to 147 g)

Delivered with an unstuck face. As I noticed the bad pivoting of the bogies, I discovered that the pivots had been roughly cut (by whom?), and that, in spite of this butchering, they were still too long!

When setting up the detailing parts, I noticed that two steps were missing, and that the chassis was deformed at one end. In addition, drawbars have a weak point. The electrical heating cables can not be mounted because the hole provided above the buffer, on the notice sheet, does not actually exist! And, in any case, there is not enough space between buffer and body for it.

Apart from all these defects, the coach is treated on a strict scale. The roof is one piece with the body: no problem of joint! The wheels have thin flanges (0.8 mm). No brass bearings.

The interior is treated in night version, couchettes unfolded. Ladders and luggage racks are etched metal. There are spots and fingerprints on the couchettes, fortunately invisible from the outside. The coach conductor will have his ears pulled!

Voir : gamos81.altervista.org for the reference list of issued FS tipo 59 coach models.


  • Face glued again. It required the removal of glue bellows that prevented the parts from fitting together properly.
  • Equalized bogie pivots. For proper pivoting, it was necessary to enlarge and deepen the holes over the chassis, removing the interior, so that the clips have sufficient clearance.
  • Body raised to 1-point suspension side with washers og a total thickness of 1.1 mm.
  • Hot straightening of the twisted chassis. Reinforcement of the drawbars.

Series of coaches built by Breda costruzioni ferroviare Milano in the early sixties thanks to the financing of the Marshall investment plan. In total (day and couchette coaches), 1259 units were built.

The first series of couchette coaches, released in 1960-61, was equipped with type 27 bogies. The second, released in 1963-64, was equipped with type 24 bogies. This is the case of the ACME model. More details on rotaie.it.

Bogie type 27 Bogie type 24


Bcz FS coach ACMEBcz FS coach ACME

Bz tipo 59 FS coach

Bz (not Bcz) coach, anonymous photo on pinterest.

24 672 283.6 283.6
24 280 1 279.1 278.5
23 360 1 268.5 268.5
2 900 33.3 34.0
4 076 46.9 46.6 2
17 000 195.4 195.3
(type 24) 2 400 27.6 27.3
920 10.6 11.0
  1. Dimensions deducted from the day coaches.
  2. After rectification of the pivots.