B11 Est coach Roco

B11 Est coach

Photo R. Bersot.

Roco 64616 and 64617


B11 metallic Est 1932/1939 type coach, ex C11yfi of the Compagnie de l’Est.

UIC number Revision date
51 87 21-46 152-4 22.6.72
51 87 21-46 148-2 26.12.72

155 g ; 147 g after ballast reduction (NEM: 108 to 141  g)

I only know these coaches for having seen them in Nancy station in the 1970s. The Roco model seems faithful to me. What strikes me at first sight is the lack of transparency, not to say the dirt, of the window panes. The chassis is not painted and is therefore rather bright: it absolutely needs to be weathered.

A marking on the body seems wrong to me: OURCQ A***. These coaches were only marked A*.

The unusual shape of the S2C type bogies is well respected. But they both have a dynamo, fortunately easily removable. The wheels are ø 11 (standard Roco) while their diameter should be 10.6 for 920 mm real. The dynamo is really too low!

Apart from the wheels, all the dimensions are almost perfectly respected, including the height, which is rare. But the ends of the roof, and especially the gutters, are rather badly engraved.

These coaches are delivered with extented bellows (without their hangers which are to be assembled). There are folded bellows in the bag of parts, with their hangers, as well as three types of aerators and pretty thin hand rails. The gangways are articulated: one was wandering in the box. The buffers must be quickly glued as they escape easily.

Photoetched plates are provided for the route Strasbourg - Nancy - Toul - Châlons en Champagne - Paris-Est. The problem is that in the 1970s, Châlons was still called sur Marne (the name change dates from December 1997)! There are four identical plates.



  • Floor and wall decoration by printed and cut out adhesive photo paper.
  • Ballast decreased by 16 g, but the decreasing is partially neutralized by the mass of electrical equipment.
  • Wheels changed for uninsulated ø 10.5 mounted on half isolated axles. Bogies with conductive bearings.
  • Lighting controlled by bistable reed switch. For ref. 64617: tail lamps (REE) controlled by a second bistable reed.
  • Painting of axles, brake blocks, steps and buffers. Weathering of chassis and bogies.

The C11 type metallic coaches designed by the Compagnie de l’Est were delivered from 1932 to 1939, with 171 units. Compared to earlier types, the chassis is no longer apparent, and there is no more join-covers on body mid-height. They were outclassed in B11 when the 3rd class was abolished in 1956. Source: Loco-Revue sheet.

Tare between 42 and 50 t approximately. Speed ​​limit: 140 km/h. UIC number: 51 87 21 46 101-1 to 153-2, 51 87 21 47 154-9 to 162-2, 51 87 21 47 163-0 to 248-9.

In the 1970s, they were used mainly to transport soldiers on leave.


B11 Est coach RocoB11 Est coach Roco

B11 Est coach RocoB11 Est coach Roco

B11 Est coach

Photo R. Bersot.

23 530 1 270.5 270.8
22 204 255.2 255.5
2 940 33.8 34.0
4 000 46.0 46.0
15 500 178.2 178.5
(S2C) 2 500 28.7 28.6
920 10.6 11.0
  1. The Roco body is marked 23.55m.