ABm type Y/B 70 DR coach Tillig

DR Bm Y/B 70 type coach

Photo Falk2 on de.wikipedia.org.

Tillig 74339


1st / 2nd class coach of the German Democratic Republic Railways (Deutsche Reichsbahn, DR) Y/B 70 type.

UIC number Revision date
51 50 39-80 103-7 14.2.76

157 g; 132 g after removing the ballast (NEM: 112 to 146 g).

Original model from Sachsenmodelle. Rather coarse engraving: thick steps, painted tail lamps, heating cables moulded with the body, pad-printed, not engraved lateral air grille. So a little expensive for its quality, close to the Piko (although Piko has significantly improved, with prices accordingly!).

The thin handrails are to be mounted.

The compartment pitch is the same in 1st and 2nd class. But the layout is wrong: all seats have two places twice, which makes eight seats per compartment in both classes. However, in reality, the compartments of 1st class are six places (4 × 6 = 24 places in all, marked on the body) and those of 2nd class are eight places (5 × 8 = 40 places in all).

After the photo opposite, and with all the usual reservations concerning the colour fidelity of the photos, it seems that the green colour is not in conformity: the green of the real coach tends towards the persimmon, which does not would not surprise me for a coach from the East. And this picture represents a new coach in an exhibition, so with the coolest colours possible.

Coach pre-equipped for lighting: metal blades attached to the chassis lean on the bogies, as on some Roco coaches, and extend inside the body to reach the ceiling. There are current pickup strips in the bag of parts, which rub on the wheel tread, which is not the best solution.

The body can be easily disassembled.



  • Handrails mounted.
  • Ballast (35 g) removed.

Coaches built by VEB Waggonbau Bautzen from 1969 (or 1971 depending on sources) on a diagram close to the UIC Y specification. Bogies Görlitz type VI with 920 mm wheels. Speed limit 160 km/h.


ABm type Y/B 70 DR coach TilligABm type Y/B 70 DR coach Tillig

DR Bm Y/B 70 type coach

Photo Falk2 on de.wikipedia.org.

24 500 281.6 281.0
24 200 278.2 276.7
2 881 33.1 33.5
4 250 48.9 48.5
17 200 197.7 196.6
2 500 28.7 29.0
920 10.6 11.0