DR ABme type B coach

DR AB4ge coach

Photo Reisezug-wagen-Archiv quoted by EC64 on Loco-Revue Forum.

Rivarossi HR4307


Ame, ABme et Bme type B coaches of the German Democratic Republic Railways (Deutsche Reichsbahn, DR).

UIC number Revision date
51 50 19-40 008-1 17.12.78
51 50 39-40 003-8 17.12.78
51 50 20-40 021-1 17.12.78

157 g; 134 g after decreasing the ballast (NEM: 112 to 146 g).

Finely engraved coaches. The underside of the chassis has a very detailed attached brake set. Curiously, the handrails are inserted on the Ame and ABme, but not on the Bme.

However, there is a flaw: the bodies are hunchbacked, about 1 mm…

The scale is very well respected, except for the slightly low height and the wheel diameter a little too big. As a result, if wheels of the right diameter were used, the height deficit would be almost 1 mm.

Photo-etched route plates are provided, but of course only for the country of origin.

The coaches can be easily dismantled and reassembled by means of four clips per side, approximately every 60 mm. The interior is fitted with seats with armrests, in different colours depending on the class and type of compartment (smoking or no-smoking). There are three front seats in 1st class and four in 2nd class. The interior is also fairly easy to dismantle, but the clips are rather fragile.

The ballast is 47 g. It is stuck only by two strips of thin double-sided adhesive tape.

The wheels have 1 mm flanges; the back to back spacing is 14.2 mm, which is insufficient compared to the NEM (14.5 ± 0.1). Their diameter (11.4) is too large.



  • Softened bogie clips for easy disassembly.
  • Ballast weight is halved (23 g instead of 47 g).

DR OSJD type B coaches, built by Waggonbau Bautzen; quantity: 69 Bg, 42 ABg and 18 Ag, from 1962 to 1964. Diagram close to the UIC-Y type. Görlitz type V bogies with 950 mm wheels. Speed limit: 140 km/h. Weight: 38 t (AB). Source: Wikipedia (in German), see link below.


Wikipedia article in German.

Ame type B DR coachRivarossiAme type B DR coachRivarossi

ABme type B DR coach RivarossiABme type B DR coach Rivarossi

Bme type B DR coach RivarossiBme type B DR coach Rivarossi

DR AB4ge coach

Photo Reisezug-wagen-Archiv quoted by EC64 on Loco-Revue Forum.

24 500 281.6 280.8
24 200 278.2 279.0
2 863 32.9 33.0
4 230 48.6 48.1
17 200 197.7 197.8
2 500 28.7 28.8
950 10.9 11.4