A9 DEV stainless steel Lima

A9 DEV stainless steel 1956

Photo Coll. Coudert / Le Train.

Lima 9113


A9 DEV inox

104 g (NEM: 106 to 138 g)

Registration : none.

At the time, I had modified the bogies’ pivot distance, lowered the whole by cutting the chassis over the bogies, and enlarged the cutting of the skirts. That done, it appeared much less as a toy than originally, with its rather fine engraving and despite its length missing of 24 mm. See a comparative photo (original photo: Lima 1973 catalogue). As can be seen, this model was subsequently equipped with interior fittings.Stainless steel comparison Lima

For the original Lima model, see the Eigene Webs/lima-modellbahn website.

Loco-Revue sheet No. 441/41973-73 a 37 (former series) of the A9tuj 1969.

A9 DEV stainless steel LimaA9 DEV stainless steel Lima

Photo Coll. Coudert / Le Train.