DEV AO A9 Jouef

A9 DEV U57

Photo EC64 on Forum-Train.

Jouef HJ4068


A9 DEV AO U59 in C160 livery.

UIC number Revision date
51 87 19-80 166-5 5 30.3.77

167g ; 121 g after removing the ballast (NEM: 115 to 150 g)

Bogies Y24. The door panes are not flush. Handrails not inserted. The gangways are folding, and the buffers, whose heads are too small, are on spring.

The gangways are mounted inside out: they show the non-skid surface on the outside.

See gamos81.altervista.org for the reference list of issued DEV AO coach models.


  • Drawbars shortened, Profi couplings.
  • Ballast removed.
  • 3-point suspension.
  • Lighting with pickup by wire wrapped on axles, controlled by a latching reed switch.
  • Interior fittings painted, decorated.

This is probably one of the U59 19-40 151 to 185 coaches renumbered when they were fitted with Y24Z bogies to bring the speed limit to 160 km/h. Note: “AO” means “Acier Ordinaire” (ordinary steel), as opposed to “Inox” (stainless steel).

See photos in Forum-Train.


 DEV AO A9 Jouef DEV AO A9 Jouef

A9 DEV U57

Photo EC64 on Forum-Train.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 25 094 288.4 288.0
Chassis length 24 036 276.3 275.5
Body width 2 980 34.3 33.5
Height 3 940 45.3 45.5
Pivot distance 17 000 195.4 195.4
Bogie wheelbase (Y24) 2 300 26.4 26.6
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.2

Division des études des voitures of the SNCF.

AO = ordinary steel coaches,
as opposed to DEV “inox” (stainless steel).